A wonderful weekend was spent in Lake Tahoe in celebration of Dave and I ‘s 1 year anniversary. It was a chance to commune with nature – to be amongst towering trees, sweet smelling alpine and secret lakes hidden amongst the undulating mountains. So placid and epic the time spent in this stunning locale… inspired by its charm.

Frolicking in the great outdoors is a perfect way to receive messages from Spirit. Nature allows us to connect… to bring us back to a space of quietude and listen to what is happening around us. To say hello to Mother Earth and her bounty of gifts from the subtle shades of grey in the rocks below my feet to the comforting trees standing strong above me.
Wherever I hike around this world I always begin with a blessing to Mother Earth and asking the spirits of the forest, the desert, the mountains or the waters permission to play amongst their energies, giving gratitude ahead of time for the messages they will share with me during the journey.

As I hike through I communicate with the plants, ask the trees questions, find a rock that has a song to sing, listen to the birds speak. Earth energy revitalizes the soul, grounds the body while opening us up to the interconnectedness with the spirit of nature. Divinity can be found in a fallen leaf or a buzzing bee, a single flower blossoming between massive boulders. Taking the time to commune with the perfection of all that is occurring in nature invites us to be one with this perfection.

We Are Perfect.

There’s nothing else we need to make us anymore than what we are right now. Taking the time to just exist with nature gives us the space to wipe the slate clean of our thoughts about what we have going on tomorrow or what we may have forgotten to do earlier in the day and to just be in union with now. It is in this Now that we can synchronize with the lush greenery, flourishing floral, rhythmic dancing of light through the leaves and suddenly we are receptive to Mother Earth’s delicate whisper that the beauty you see in this forest, in the flowers, in the light dancing through the leaves is the beauty you are really seeing in yourself.

So when you find yourself feeling disconnected, feeling far from perfection or feeling the need for something more and playing small in your mind, taking a gentle walk in nature – whether its around your neighborhood block, or a park or at the edge of land next to the ocean, will restore you to a place where you can feel that grandiose spirit again as you begin feeling Grandiose in Nature.

And Give Thanks. Give thanks for Mother Nature’s healing energies, tender messages and affectionate embrace.