Christina blew my mind! I came to her when I felt like I needed more clarity surrounding relationships and my business. She read me and who I was instantly without ever talking to me before.  She helped me to identify why I had a recurring pattern in my relationships with men helping to clear and heal it so that I could open myself up to new love and relationships. As for my business, she help me identify my business archetype and the direction I should be headed in.  She helped me refocus myself and my brand in a more purposeful fashion, and just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagements booked.

Taria Pritchett

Confidence Mentor, Coach and Speaker, RegalRealness.com

“I hired Christina to help me with making a big hiring decision in my business. I was nervous about it, and wasn’t even sure where I would find this perfect person. Clearly she’s intuitive – which is why I hired her – but what you might not know is that she’s a super-smarty business pants too. If you have been struggling with making a decision for a long time and you just can’t wrap your brain around it, definitely hire her.”

Erika Lyremark


I am EXTREMELY happy and ESTATIC that I took the course. It was PHENOMENAL and Christina is PHENOMENAL!

Before I joined Ignite Your Intuition, I was in a place where I was feeling pretty lost in life, struggling with finding direction in my life as well as a couple specific circumstances relating to my job and a romantic interest. I didn’t know what steps to take in my life.

I had done multiple 1:1 readings with Christina and absolutely love her work. I thought this would be a good opportunity to strengthen my intuition and get Christina’s guidance as I did so.

During IYI, I learned so much including how to work with my energy when I was nervous and anxious and navigate my energy so I can better listen to my intuition. I definitely felt more confident about my decisions even if no one else agreed with them after this course.

Shortly after this program I moved to a new city and joined a graduate program all based on my intuition! I don’t know that I would have been able to make these big “risky” decisions if I wasn’t at one with my intuitive voice, which is exactly what this course helps with.

The videos and the fact that Christina gives everyone a lot of individual attention on the group calls and through out the program, which was great. I appreciated how much time she spent with us live.

I love Christina’s instruction style and personality. She is so loving and kind and is never judgmental in her tone. I felt very safe to share some of my deepest thoughts or my craziest desires with her. This program offers the instruction + 1:1 attention which is key.

Even if you don’t feel you have time, make the time because this course will help your everyday decisions as well as long term ones!  Also if you haven’t worked with Christina in the past, this group setting is a great way to get introduced to her.

Aditi Ramchandani

Confidence Mentor, Coach and Speaker, RegalRealness.com, Marketing Strategist, AmplifyWithAditi.com

Before my intuitive reading, I was debating which direction I should take my business next — Steady eddy or go big? Christina aptly tapped into some of the family changes I had going on at the time, giving me both clarity in my business and my home life.

Getting a reading from Christina reset my mindset and my focus for the year ahead. She challenged me and considered the well being of not only myself, but my whole family based on how each of us individually are coping. As family is one of my greatest values, this extra detail meant the world to me.

Amber McCue


Before Ignite Your Intuition, I was feeling unclear about which path to take.  Since the course, I feel stronger, more vibrant, and much clear about my life. I also feel a lot more tuned in generally to my intuition and body. I even won a music business scholarship (worth $1400) that I had been wanting to do for ages! I have done a few online courses and by far Christina was the most generous with her own time and content. Christina also has a knack of really tuning in to you easily and quickly and her advice was spot on!

Ignite Your Intuition is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to live more soulfully, authentically and of course trust their intuition to move forward with clarity in their lives and businesses!

Prita Grealy

Singer and Songwriter, Prita.com.au

I’m a cautious believer in matters of spirituality and intuition, but Christina immediately made me feel at ease with her process. Her assessment of what’s been happening in my life and how it affected me were extremely accurate. She helped me understand what it all meant and offered extremely practical advice to help me move past it.

Since our reading, I’ve seen some shifts in my relationships, my business and my finances. Christina gave me clarity around the things I needed to let go, where I needed to focus and how I could nurture my personal growth. I highly recommend her readings for those looking for clear guidance and no-nonsense advice on how to move forward.

Sophie Bujold

Online Communications Strategist and Speaker, SophieBujold.com

Before working with Christina, I felt like my practical side and my creative side were at odds. What I THOUGHT I should be doing and what I WANTED to do just couldn’t come together. I LOVED the reading.

Everything Christina mentioned was dead on. I got so much clarity on life and business, including how to accept my way of thinking as a gift.  What would I say to someone considering working with Christina? I’d say what’s taking you so long?

Tami Cunningham


Before I began working with Christina, I was limited in my ability to see the opportunity before me as a new small business owner. I felt overwhelmed, confused about what direction to take my business, and unsure of the future. Consistently, I was taking on more projects that I could realistically manage based on the fear that additional projects might not arise. My work life was my only life. There was no balance. Though I had ideas for creating my own programs to generate revenue, the dream of moving from a “service for hire” to “program provider” seemed like a lofty goal.

Christina taught me to use energy tools to redirect my fear into reassurance and confidence in future opportunities. What I love about learning from Christina is that she meets you where you are – and creates fun and playful ways to begin using the energy tools.

Within 3 months of beginning the Awaken Your Intuition Power program and implementing the tools that Christina taught me, I experienced an amazing shift in my business. I was able to let go of two major projects that were not giving me the opportunity to truly leverage my gifts as a Coach and Learning Designer to take on new projects that offered more than double the earning potential. All the while, streamlining my client base and beginning to integrate true work/life balance again. Each month, as I continue working with Christina for individual coaching, I continue to build trusted partnerships with amazing colleagues and bid projects with increasing revenue potential.

Christina has a magical way of leading her clients through challenging and life changing realizations, while maintaining a fully supportive and compassionate environment. Due to geographical limitations, Christina and I meet over the phone, but it feels as if she is sitting right beside me during every session. All of our sessions comprise laughter, play, insight, healing, action steps and a vision of what comes next. Christina often follows up our sessions with an email or wonderful tool to support me on my next leg of the journey.

If you’re thinking of working with Christina then stop thinking about it – and give it a try! There is nothing to be lost, yet a wonderful world of insight, connectedness and success to be discovered.

Jeannie Sullivan


Prior to getting into Christina’s HeART of Intuition Brilliance Private Coaching Program, I was completely overworked, absolutely failing in juggling a home based business and two part time jobs. My relationship was falling apart and I had not taken a single day off, let alone some time for myself – in 2 years! I felt guilty every night for not having accomplished more during the day. Despite all my best efforts, money was not coming in and my business associates were driving me crazy. Something had to change, and thoroughly.

Her coaching enabled me to live in my own truth and be fully present and focused. Chrissy did an amazing job, helping me shift my energy, re-connecting with my intuition, and YES – even finding my purpose in life.

I do not recognize my life anymore. Thanks to Christina’s gentle but firm encouragements, I managed to completely restructure my company. I learnt to delegate and empower other people. My business team has been re-organized as well and our mission statement and values are eventually being respected. Our company – both client base and revenue – has steadily grown! Furthermore, my relationship is back on track and I love myself again. I’ve learned the real value of time and am consistently taking time off for me, without any guilt. Life is wonderful again!!!

What immediately stood out are Christina’s amazing listening skills. She does not pretend or listen half-heartedly; on the contrary, she gets to the bottom of things, clears through all the clutter and knows how to turn things around. She is incredibly encouraging, a lot of fun, her laugh alone already is like a bucket of vitamin C, yet she is firm enough to make you comprehend that sometimes change is necessary and can be quite positive. The steps she suggests are simple to follow, not necessarily easy, this depends on the amount of internal (or external) boundaries you’re facing, but simple and definitely worth following!

Christina knows how to bring the best out in people. Thanks to her, I enjoy my life again! If you’re wondering whether Christina is the right coach for you, it’s the same as Nike says. Just do it!

Justine Van Impe

I initially signed up for Christina’s HeART of Intuition Brilliance Private Coaching Program because I thought this would be a good way to grow spiritually. However, your coaching has gone beyond that and helped me in every aspect of my life both professionally and personally.

I like the way you structure our sessions which each have a central theme and tools to use related to the theme. This was helpful to me since I didn’t really know what to expect from coaching. In addition, you always leave time to deal with any other issues that I may want to explore.

I use the tools you have taught me every single day. I find them helpful in all areas of my life including business planning, servicing clients, and personal issues. The biggest area of improvement for me has been in gaining clarity and focus around several key business and personal areas of my life.

I am so grateful to have your guidance and wisdom in my life. Thank you!

Cindy Abel

Real Estate Agent, SoManyHomes.com

Christina’s meditations, readings, and one-on-one coaching have helped me turn my day dreaming about designing bikinis into reality. I was unhappy with work, living each day knowing that I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. My anxiety level was high and I was having a hard time coping with the stress of feeling “stuck”.

I saw Christina’s meetup posting for a Valentine’s meditation focused on Love, it was my first time trying meditation and I didn’t really know what to expect. I felt an immediate connection to her guidance during the meditation and after my reading I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to call everyone on the way home and share my experience! Christina helped me take ownership of my vision, she provided me with tools to tap into my creativity and after a meditation and reading I came up with a business name, concepts, sketches, and timeline to stick to. It felt amazing to realize that I COULD do something that I loved!

Each time I attend a meditation class I walk away feeling energized, happy, and balanced. I realize now that I had lost my confidence and I thank Christina for helping me take ownership and connect with my inner Goddess. I’d be happy to discuss my experience further with anyone considering Christina’s guidance.

LeTisha Garcia

I was going through Empty Nest Syndrome when I decided to take Christina’s HeART of Intuition Brilliance Program. I had been wanting to start a business as an Energy Healer for a couple of years, though I had some fear and did not even know where to begin. Christina has such a gift for really listening to what I said, it was like she could see into my soul as to where she needed to lead me.

Christina lead me through some amazing exercises and through those exercises I was able to ground myself and learn to stay connected. One particular exercise opened up my 3rd eye and now my clairvoyance is much greater and it gets stronger every time I use the tools Christina gave me. In just months, I have now opened up for business, working with clients and I even have my own website! Things are now moving in the direction of my Souls purpose.

Her program was amazing, I looked forward to our weekly call. Christina is fun, energetic and compassionate. She has a way of pushing you towards your goals that is fun and challenging.

Christina has such an amazing gift of knowing and seeing even when I couldn’t. I would encourage anyone to take the HeART of Intuition Brilliance Private Coaching Program whether it be for personal or business reasons. She is AMAZING!

Angie Bergen

Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive, WellnessSoulutions.com

Christina is a joy to be around! She has helped me to unclutter my mind and learn to live in the present.

I enrolled in Christina’s Awaken Your Intuition Power Coaching Program while I was pregnant with my first child. My brain felt exactly how my garage looks. Full of stuff I needed to deal with and no room for the car. I was in a near panic state and needed to wrap my mind around the fact that I was about to become a parent. After my first class with Christina I felt a weight begin to lift. Her personal attention and coaching helped me to let go of a lot of worries that were clouding my mind. After the series of classes, I was better able to focus on my most important task at hand, starting a family. Learning to live in the present, has been the greatest gift to myself and my family.

I’d be happy to discuss my experience further with anyone considering Christina’s guidance.

Bonnie Kelso


“Christina has been a beacon of light for me! The energy that she radiates is so full of love and hope and motivation. She has shown me how to trust myself more and keep a better sense of balance in my life.

I met Chrissy at a group meditation that she held about a year ago. It was the first such group I had ever attended, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. She put me at ease by simplifying the meditation process for me, and I immediately knew that there was something very special about her. It was clear that she has something that I want.

I decided to take her 6-week meditation course, which has allowed me to see the Universe from a different perspective, truly changing my life. During the course, I was going through a very difficult and emotional period in my life. Chrissy taught me how to take care of and protect myself spiritually during that time. I needed to make a very important decision, and during one of her readings, I was given the answer more clearly than I had ever experienced in my life.

I continue to attend her groups and readings whenever I can to receive guidance as I make positive changes in my life, and I’ve highly recommended meeting with her to all of my friends. I’m more than willing to share my experiences with anyone who would like to know more!”

Michelle Dragovich

“Working with Christina has provided me with an opportunity to really listen to my heart, to take some time for myself, and to add balance to my life.

Before working with Christina, I had a good amount of “tunnel vision.” I was incredibly focused on one thing… building my business. That meant that i spent most of my days in front of the computer and not truly present to the other things in my life. I remember telling Christina that I would rest when the business is off the ground and profitable.

Thanks to Christina, I have slowed down and come to appreciate all the moments in my life. I am giving my kids more of the love and attention they need, and I am experiencing more balance and peace. As a result of our work, I feel that I am more aligned with my values and moving forward positively, without the craziness and stress I was carrying along before.

Christina is incredibly intuitive and can “read between the lines” of what is being said. She asked powerful questions that enabled me to get to the heart of what I wanted and needed. She also allowed me to see my own value and moved me to be able to appreciate what I have to offer the world. Christina is a truly fantastic coach!

If anyone would love to know more about my experience working with Christina, I would love to share! Please do not hesitant to contact me and learn more about the tremendous value I have gained through our work!”

Danielle Zanzarov-Rodriguez

Health and Wellness Coach

“Christina has helped me access my deepest truths to help me build my business in line with the yearning of my soul. At first, I was confused and hopeful, but after working with her I was passionate and patient. I now know my wisdom, my longings and my truth and express those with power and consistency. This has led to deeper connections, more clients for my practice, and a greater awareness about who I am and what I desire.

She is a powerful force for healing and transformation. You owe it to yourself to work with her. You’re a rock star.”

David Lapedis

“I want to just say WOW! I met Christina through her volunteering at the place I work at and since she came into my life it has been nothing but blessings. She shared her incredible gift with me with a personal reading as well as a cleansing. Both experiences were wonderful and she was able to help me clarify the answers to questions I had and each day I find more and more of what she shared with me to be of great value. Never having had a cleanse before I wasn’t sure what to expect but it really was a fun experience and I truly felt better after she was done.

I highly recommend you share your time with her and get a reading if you can. She speaks like a friend and truly only wants to help you find the answers you need. I will continue to definitely call on her talents in the future as I am working through some very interesting times and I can’t wait to hear what my next reading says when more of my life clears up.

Thank you Christina for sharing your wonderful blessing with me and I hope that you are able to share it with many others!”

Heather Y. Motogawa

“I took a few of Christina’s guided meditation sessions before and found that they were very insightful in obtaining clarity and inner peace for one’s self, but when she offered her six-week meditation class I was uncertain whether to enlist in it. I never participated in any type of extensive practice, so I was fearful of the commitment to the class’ duration. Upon speaking to Christina about the premise, intent and significance of the meditations I decided to join, and upon completion I cannot imagine not partaking in them.

Christina is a gifted and rare person to meet in this world. She is genuinely open and honest and takes a conscious approach toward the skills, abilities, responsibilities and impact her craft entails upon others. She is a practitioner of love, light and life, and her class transformed into a life-altering experience for me.

The depth, knowledge and open communications of the guided meditation series taught me useful techniques for living a better life for myself. I have changed as a person through the enlightenment, validations and greater awareness I gained from Christina’s teachings, and my paradigm has shifted because of them; there is nothing more I could ask for or receive.

I took a chance with Christina’s class and learned there was nothing to lose but a world to gain, and I know anyone who openly joins her or takes her class will share in the same experience.”

Prince A.

“Christina is truly a gifted person. Her insight into clarifying situations is truly exceptional. This was my first reading with Christina and certainly will not be my last. Her connection to her spiritual worlds is awe inspiring.

I had a life changing experience several years ago, and even though I never told Christina about it, she was able to tell me about it and change a negative situation into a positive experience. This has helped me grow and evolve into a stronger person and grow more confident in my own abilities.

She was very precise and accurate in her readings, without any previous knowledge of my situations. I have recommended her to several people and will definitely have her do readings for me in the future. She is truly a blessing and a very special person.”


“Christina is a masterful healer and spiritually connected source of guidance. We are lucky to have her beautiful presence in our world. Christina provided me with an amazing healing experience after a very difficult time in my life. I was feeling disconnected, foggy and unclear about myself after a significant transition.

Christina’s powerfully loving healing lifted me up when I needed it most and gave me back to my true Self. I highly recommend Christina’s work as a healer, coach and intuitive and would be thrilled to talk to anyone who would like more information.”

Shelley Hayes


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