Happy Earth Day! Today is indeed one of my favorite celebrations, even as a young kid. I have always felt very connected to the earth and love being in communication with her supporting energies. I woke up this morning giving gratitude and sang a spontaneous made up song to Mother Earth and danced my way to the backyard to meditate and send healing light to the Planet and everyone upon her. A most gorgeous morning in the desert, the birds were singing glorious tunes and a subtle wind sent whispers of life, love and acknowledgments of our oneness to me and all that surrounds me.

As I grounded firmly into the Earth’s energies and started conversing with her, asking her what she would like us all to know. I was shown pockets of the Earth still being destroyed, unloved and continuing to be harmed and could sense the pain that was taking place in these areas. The healing of the Earth cannot solely be done by her but by everyone doing their part every single moment of the day. I was also shown pictures of sustainable living using solar, wind and people being mindful of what they purchase, recycling, and taking responsibility for their actions. Mother Earth is quite grateful for the shift in consciousness that has been occurring yet she feels that people can still step it up in taking action towards the healing of the planet.

And so she asks that we take a personal inventory of our own Environmental Awareness, what is it that we are currently doing and not doing and how can we do more in helping to bring the Planet and it’s natural resources back in balance. Are you recycling all that you possibly can? Do you buy bottles of water or do you bring around your own water bottle you can fill up yourself? This is the one that I use and it’s fabulous! Sigg Water Bottle
Are you bringing your own reusable bag to the grocery store instead of using the plastic bags? And let’s say if you forget your bag, which sometimes I forget to put it back in my trunk when I’m done, then you can ask for paper instead of plastic which is a much better alternative 🙂 Have you tried earth friendly cleaning products that use all natural plant based cleaners rather than petroleum and chemical based cleaners that are so detrimental to Earth? Here’s a wonderful recipe for you to try: Greener Cleaners as well as a fabulous book for home made cleaning products you can make yourself
Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan.

Just the little everyday choices we make does make a difference as a whole. We can also help educate people by just being an example to our families, friends and children and also helping them to make mindful choices about the environment. I remember when I first moved here to Vegas 3 years ago, I live in this cute community and we are so fortunate to have a recycling truck come every other Friday. When recycling day came, I would have my 3 bins overflowing with items to be recycled plus extra bags of recyclable items on the side because there was no more room in the bins, I would actually have more recycling than my garbage and I noticed that no one else in the neighborhood recycled. There were absolutely no other bins out on Fridays and this continued for weeks, me being the only one recycling but soon enough other homes in the neighborhood started recycling as well and it makes me so happy to see everyone participating now. This beautiful phenomenon occurred just by being an example and sure enough people caught on!

Images of spending time outdoors, among the flowers, plants, animals, insects also came into my vision. Her message being the importance to take the time to connect to Nature everyday, even if it’s as little as 5 minutes of mindfulness spent outdoors, you can step out barefoot and feel the connection between your feet and Earth, close your eyes and just breathe in the magical energies that nature has to offer you. Mother Earth has so many powerful gifts that she wants to share with you that includes new ideas, inspirations, healing energies and love. If you are feeling disconnected in any way, by taking the time to connect to Mother Earth you can feel rejuvenated once again as she herself feels disconnected when we aren’t connecting with her. She has so much to offer as long as we’re willing to listen and receive her support and guidance 🙂

Take a bit of time today and everyday to acknowledge and give gratitude to the Earth and know that change begins with us first and our choices we make. Mother Gaia is asking for our support now, more than ever before!

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” ~Chief Seattle, 1855

Peace and Blessings! Namaste!
BeeChrissy 🙂

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