It’s supermoon day! In case you’re not familiar with what a supermoon is, it’s when a new or full moon reaches its closest point to the earth in its orbit.  The original astronomy term for it is “perigee full moon” or “perigee new moon.”  A perigee is when the moon is closest to the earth and the apogee is when the moon swings farthest from the earth.

Here are the wise insights from Cathy Pagano’s Wisdom of the Astrology, a long time astrologer whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past.

“This Pisces Full Moon is the first of three consecutive Super Moons—when the Moon is not only at its closest to Earth but also is coming into alignment with both the Sun and Earth. We’re entering into our eclipse season again. So these energies will exert a stronger force on all of us. If you work with the energies, expect big shifts in consciousness.

This Full Moon can certainly open the doors of our perception, bringing an influx of spiritual energies. Pisces opens our imagination; Virgo makes us pay attention to the details of what we imagine. If we’re not ready for these energies, it can bring disruptive to our collective lives. If we’re open, paying attention to our dreams, visions and insights for a few days around this Full Moon will help us make another shift on consciousness.

Full Moons bring us awareness of what has been hidden from our ego consciousness. We can expand our ego’s flexibility by staying open to more subtle realms of being and awareness…”

“This Full Moon is generating powerful energies that can further our spiritual transformation. Jupiter aligns with the Sun in Virgo, expanding our faith in the possible beyond Virgo’s usual limits. 

The sky’s the limit now. Jupiter is associated with a more spiritual understanding of life and cosmic law and its’ expansive nature can open our minds to the more mystical, visionary energies of the Moon in Pisces.

Meanwhile, the Pisces Moon is aligned with Neptune, amplifying our connection to the spiritual, quantum energies of life. This is a powerful channeling of psychic abilities and mystical visions, as well as illusions and fantasies.

Virgo’s motto is “Know Thyself” and that’s what will make all the difference between this energy filling us with Wisdom or inflating the ego with delusions. The Sun and Jupiter in earthy Virgo can help us ground these Piscean energies in a positive way. 

Allow your imagination to express the information you need to make positive decisions about your life.”

© Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved.

I’ve been having some super active dreams lately along with the need to really protect my psychic space.  I’ve also been spending the last week, resetting my intentions and getting clear about what my soul is being called to create, become and experience next.  So reading Cathy’s astrological insights, helps me to understand what’s been going on energetically here.

Take today and this weekend to bring presence to your own psychic and intuitive channels, tuning into your own soul and expressing yourself through conscious and positive choices that align you with your purpose.

So how can you dance with and harness these supermoon and full moon energies?

1. Take a moon bath. I plan on doing this tonight. Lay out under the moon’s bright light and feel its healing and activating powers do its magic. Growing up, the window I had in my bedroom faced the moon at night. I would open up my blinds and let the moonlight stream in while I lay in bed and stared at the moon. In our home now, our bedroom window also lets the moon light in and it was bright last night!  Go ahead, let her love you up!

2. Meditate with the moon. Again, another practice I’ll be doing today. The moon is actually at its fullest today at 1:35pm CDT and its wonderful energies you can be soaking up right now.   So need to wait for the nighttime to meditate and receive the moon’s wisdom, you can dialogue with the moon and let her intuitively guide you in what you need the most right now.  I’m heading up to the mountains in a few hours to bask in the energies of her and meditate outdoors.

3. Energize your crystals, sacred objects and water. The full moon is such a cleansing and energizing energy. Place your crystals, dream journals, vision boards, sacred objects and even the water you drink under the moonlight. I love doing this each month, sometimes I place them outdoor or I place them on my windowsill too.

You can literally feel an energetic radiance in your hands while holding the objects after you’ve left them out all night. Place these crystals and sacred objects around your home and let these energies bless your space.

4. Let go. You can use the energy of the full moon to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Write down and journal what you need to release in your life. Maybe its fearful thoughts, limiting beliefs, old habits and patterns, dreams that no longer align to your truth, or maybe even relationships that have gone their separate ways. Then burn it and release it, letting the full moon’s energies transmute it. Be sure you get clear on what your new intentions that you want to welcome into your life.

Now it’s your turn and let me know in the comments below what full moon rituals you like to practice.

If you need a one-on-one personal energy cleansing and intuitive reading at this time to help you create alignment, open up your pathways for what you what to manifest and gain clarity on your soul’s purpose, I’m here for you.

Now go off and dance with the supermoon!