The past couple weeks I’ve been haunted by my past.

Well ya know, we are blood mooning tonight and a solar eclipse blessed us too.

The same thoughts and same people kept creeping back into my energy field.

Friendships that ended years ago, men who got me wondering “what was I thinking?” and patterns in me that I can’t quite seem to break free from all having a picnic in my psyche.

I felt like I was spiraling backwards with flashes of memories, conversations, and ways of being, leaving me feeling both here and back there all at the same time.

As I tuned into what these memories held within me, a treasure chest of emotions came to the surface.

Sadness from when a close friendship turned into drama that created a fork in our path, each of us choosing a different direction.

Feeling guilt for simply being me from a series of experiences of women who have hated and harassed me.

Selfish for wanting more and ending relationships because they didn’t fit the more I wanted.

I wandered through the emotional landscape. Uncovering wisdom, softening into areas I still felt triggered, and taking in the view of my colorful past.

What’s done isn’t always done.

Insights can be gleaned years later popping up at times unexpected.

The vast depth of our soul always has something to teach. Tweet this! 

To share.

To communicate.

With you.

About you.

Who you are.

Who you’re becoming.

The who you no longer are.

So if the past tiptoes its way into today.

Say hello.

Welcome her stories. Embrace her; she’s a part of how you’ve been guided to where you are now.

Is there anything in your past that still haunts you?
What wisdom is your intuition providing you from those moments?

Share your insights and comments below!



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