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HeART of A Warrior: A Pictorial Connection with Creative Mavens” is a weekly spotlight that illuminates an entrepreneurial Goddess who inspires, uplifts and is full of savvy Soul.  At I Love Intuition we know that creativity is a gateway to intuitive guidance and to enhance your affinity with Spirit, each question in this interview is answered with visionary magic through photos, video or art created by each woman.  These are modern day warriors who are following their heart, delivering passion and spreading all kinds of love juju.  Enjoy this week’s HeART of A Warrior Goddess as she drops wild, visual wisdom on ya!

1.  Who are You?

2.  How do you nurture your creative, soulful Goddess Self?

3.  What do you do to connect with your Intuition?

4.  Please share a glimpse into your sanctuary…

5.  What is playtime for you?

6.  Define Sexy.

7.  Enliven us with a book or song that lights your fire…

8.  When you feel purposeful, what emanates from your Heart?







“I am 55 yrs old, married, mother of 4 sons, friend to 4 shelter dogs and a “parking lot cat” and 2 sweet horses. Living in north central (rural) Illinois, I started my business, Amy Designs, 3-4 years ago with the intention of selling what I sew, both online and at markets. Great timing with the world economy! I created lots of original designs for clothing, accessories, embellished denim and made wall hangings. An important part of my business has been being green–upcycling, recycling, and specializing in creating with vintage textiles. I’ve also been making memory quilts from clothing. I’ve had some success and lots of praise and interest in my creations, and this spring I am in the process of redefining my business to focus on doing what I do and love best: Art quilts and memory quilts (or memory quilts AS art quilts!) taking many forms and including photographic and symbolic imagery.

Another part of my business will be marketing a special poem that came to me 18 years ago as an intuitive gift. This poem is about one of my sons and the proceeds of cards and prints will go to benefit him and the organization that supports him. Here’s a link to that poem (please respect my copyright and do not reproduce it without permission)”

You can also connect with Amy through her online shop Amy Designs, and on Facebook.