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When we shift our focus from “What do I want?” to “How May I serve?” we align ourselves with the Universe’s giving energies and God comes back saying to us “How May I Serve You?” The Universe is always giving to us exactly what we give back. When we give ourselves in service then we are given the service of the Universe’s magical miracles. The floodgates open within our own spirit and the Universe says “Wonderful! Thank You Christina, you are perfectly blessed with artistic creativity and so I shall open these doors for you to help you share your gifts with the world!”

Giving and Receiving are the same thing… when we give to others we really are giving to ourselves thus receiving at the same time… we are all mirrors of each other – one connected Spirit contained in various vessels of different races, personalities, heights, sizes, shapes. So giving to others is giving to that same Spirit contained within.

As I have refocused my intentions to How May I Serve, I have been divinely guided to bring about my artwork in new ways. It started with bringing forth aspects of color healing which I am currently doing but now I’m being guided towards teaching creative workshops that allow people a space for them to access the creative energies of the Universe and experience the magic of manifesting this energy into a beautiful piece of art. It is very exciting and I am seeing more now how the Universe is opening doors for me to bring these to people and help them get connected to Spirit in a fun and creative way.

So ask the Universe “How May I Serve?” Get out of the way and watch the signs appear in front of you. Expect miracles and you will receive them in abundance daily. Be Grateful. Be Blessed. The Universe will use the wonderful gifts you have to offer in the best way you can… we all can be of service in a way that utilizes our unique personalities, gifts, talents and abilites for the highest good of all.