One day I was at the mall and this woman came up to me, telling me she is psychic and proceeded to give me a cold reading.  I stopped her, third eye to third eye, and told her I’m psychic too.

She didn’t have a chance to tell me how I’m cursed and she can remove it for me if I paid her cold hard cash on the spot. Puhleeeze!

If you have been bamboozled by such trickery, I am sorry you had to go through that.  With all aspects of life, there is a dark and light side to everything even in the spiritual or personal development community.  I choose to be in the light.

Psychic scams are rampant.  It pisses me off.  They prey on the fearful.  Plus when they know how to manipulate another person’s energy, that’s a double whammy.

I’ve had clients who came to me after they have bled thousands on curse removals, love spells and candles being lit.  My heart ached for them.

Here are the common psychic scams to look out for.

Curse Removals.
As I shared above, a psychic scammer will come up to you telling you that you are cursed or there’s a spell on you offering to remove it or undo it for a fee.  They will want to charge you some crazy price (even in the thousands) for some magic potion or crystal or ritual for it.  Don’t do it.

Casting Magic Spells.
Never ever fall for a psychic who claims they can cast a spell to make someone love you, win the lottery, or hire you for a job.  It’s ridiculous.   No one can wave a magic wand and infringe on another person’s free will.  We all have choice and no spell will take that away.  Beware of such nonsense.

Death in Your Family is Upon You.
This is the worst one because of course we don’t want anyone to die in our family (well that is if you have a good relationship with your fam bam).  The psychic scammer will try to lure you in by predicting that someone in your family is going to die within a certain number of days and if you don’t pay for her magic powers to stop the process then the prediction will come true.

Weird Requests and Getting Feisty.
If a psychic tells you to bring an egg, your mother’s jewelry or some kind of object that she will use to cast a spell on or heal something in your life, please stay away.  When you gracefully decline the special services you’re being offered for more money and the psychic gets feisty, angry or starts threatening you with “You’re going to regret it!” then you’ve definitely entered scamville.  Intuitive or psychics who are in service for the highest good will always want the best for you and never shame you or fear you into working with them.

A real psychic offers guidance that empowers you to create the best path that aligns with your Soul.

They will never claim to have all the answers or be able to completely fix a situation for you nor will they ever use fear-based tactics to make you feel like your life will fall apart if you don’t use their services.  And if they do practice energetic healing work, they are clear in their role as being a catalyst to help release any stagnant energies and ultimately you are the healer of your own body, mind and soul.

Always tune into your intuition when choosing an intuitive or psychic reader or healer.  Make sure you resonate with them, do research and stand in your power.   You always have the answer you need within.  When consulting a psychic, they really are there to validate what you already intuitively know is true.

And if ever you need loving, compassionate and practical guidance you can always schedule an intuitive reading with me. I promise I won’t use my spell casting voodoo on you 🙂

Lots of love! Namaste!
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