I’ve just returned from the super duper fabulous Art of Trust Retreat that I co-created with my friend Kyrstie Barrett.  It was way more than I had expected and I’m still in awe of how gracefully it all unfolded over the three days together.

As always, I love to reflect on the journey and what I’ve learned through the process of putting together my very first retreat.  It was a ton of work, we had to move through our own fears and limiting beliefs, trusted in our intuition in supporting clients through their shifts while making sure we were individually nourished in order to show up fully.

Through it all, I was able to claim more of my own passions and purpose in a deeper way. I feel I have been able to trust myself even more simply by sharing with others how to trust their intuition. This has probably been one of the most intense experiences I’ve had so far with clients especially since we were diving deep for three full days.

In this video I share with you four intuitive insights I received this weekend on How to Be an Intuitive Leader.  To lead is to show up fully despite your own inner demons that may be yelling “you suck!”, trusting in what you have to offer, and standing in the knowing that what makes you unique can create positive change for others.

To lead is to surrender all that you know to something higher that’s guiding you, and to be grateful for the trust you are given by another to co-create with them in such a vulnerable and intimate way.

I’ve taken a big, juicy, mindful bite of fresh blueberry humble pie.

I celebrate a big milestone with you on my path of purpose.

Enjoy this video.  Take these four insights and use them to guide you to create impact, spread your message and shine bright!
Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste.