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There are some exciting happenings going on and one of them is taking my videos into the next level of fun and purpose.  I have always approached Spirituality as this playground of discovery and fun and this is a really big gift of mine to be able to teach it this way.

I take my practice and teaching seriously but not too serious at the same time.  With the videos, our intention is to offer you a ton of value but also add laughter, lightheartedness and creativity to the mix!

As with all new ideas I take on, I let myself play and have fun with it while it unfolds.  And I’m happy that my friend, photographer and video extraordinaire Vincent Cu has been working his magic with the vids!  As I’m writing this, I have decided to claim that March 1st, 2012 is the official launch of the new I Love Intuition Videos! YAY!

Now that you’re up to speed let’s get down to business!

Your Soul’s purpose is a continuous unfolding of living in your truth.  I often get asked this question sooo many times and yes I can read those energies for people but truly it’s about you being willing to stand in your authenticity.

Questioning your Soul’s purpose can come up as you begin to take a more conscious and intentional path in your life and business, or perhaps a “rude awakening” has caused you to reflect on your life’s path, or you have this tug in your heart to use your talents and gifts in a whole new way.

Whatever reason has sparked this question, give yourself permission to be in a place of questioning and know that whenever there is a question, Spirit always has an answer!

It’s important not to get hung up and stuck in a place of “if only I knew my purpose then I could go on with my life” (I know I used to think like that).  This “if only” continues to create a lack of clarity and only causes you to be stagnant.

Purpose is a verb. It’s through the act of stepping into what is available for you to express that today is how it continues to shape itself for you.

In today’s I Love Intuition Insight Video, I share with you 4 Steps in which you can create the foundation for you to begin discovering your Soul’s purpose.


Since this is a question that many people can get so stuck on, I would love to hear what you have done to step into your purpose and ways you have cultivated that in your life and business.

Please share your comments, insights and wisdom below!

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste!