“At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.” Lao Tzu

I’ve worked with many clients who really do not know what they want in their life. They don’t know what their passions are nor feel like they can even pinpoint what their heart’s desires are. They come to me feeling confused and restless; wanting to change yet not knowing what direction they want to take their life.

This lack of passion and true heart’s desires creates even more confusion, fuzziness and a blurry outlook on life. Being clear about what it is that you do want, sets in motion the creative magic that you have at the center of your being.

You come into this lifetime in your full power and energy of your unique self. You have specific qualities that are innate to your being, making up your gifts, talents and passions. The next time you’re with a child, notice how they know exactly what they want – even to the point of demanding and expecting it! But then we are taught, “You can’t always have what you want or you can’t always have your way”, over and over and over again… no wonder why so many adults don’t know what they want!

If you find yourself unclear, or in great difficulty defining your next destination, or getting in touch with your passions then take a moment to get present. Look around you. Look at yourself. Check in with your intuitive guidance and begin to ask yourself this “What are the things that I do in my life that bring me joy?”

It’s through the power of asking that we activate the energies of movement, direction and empowerment towards a meaningful life.

Bringing your focus back into joy opens up your heart’s desires. Don’t try to complicate your answer by feeling like it has to be something overly profound. What brings you joy can simply be having a hot cup of tea on your porch in the morning. The more you begin to activate joy, the more you become guided towards what it is that you want.

So let’s get you clear about what you want by doing the following:

  • Take in a deep, cleansing breath and bring yourself to the present moment. Ask yourself “What are the things that I do in my life that bring me joy?” Make a detailed and decadent list of all the joyful things that make your heart sizzle. No need to complicate the process and just let the list flow right out of you. For example, one of the things that makes my heart sizzle is right before I go to sleep I have to fluff all my pillows and surround myself like I’m in a big cocoon of fluffy pillows 🙂 Yup! I did just share that with you!
  • Now with each one of your joyful joys, ask yourself “Why does this bring me joy?” “How does this make me feel?” So the reason fluffy pillows brings me joy is because I feel like I’m sleeping in the clouds and it makes me feel very safe.
  • Check in with your intuition and ask “How can I create more of this joy in my life today?” Here’s what my intuition is telling me “Today I’m going to take a walk outside and enjoy nature because nature also makes me feel safe.”
  • Then go out and play!

This is really a first step on your path of purpose. You may not even have a crystal clear picture of what you want 6 months from now, but who cares! If you’re in the process of discovery, then revel in that discovery. As you get clear about what you want today, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, by remembering what brings you joy, you open up the gateways of your intuition to reveal to you more of what your heart desires. Perhaps you’re ready to step into your purpose quickly and gracefully, then I invite you to experience a complimentary Soul Activation Call. On this one call alone, you’ll make a shift in energy that will have you open to more clarity, especially if you’re feeling like you don’t know what direction to take. Know that at the center of your being you have the answers, and I’m here to fully support you in knowing exactly what it is that you want AND achieve it too!