One area that I have been tapping into the past two weeks is strengthening my body. I’ve committed to a 60 Day intense workout program called Insanity (and yes it’s literally Insane).

It’s seriously pushing my body, mind and Spirit to a whole new level and I feel great.  Shaun T, the personal trainer and creator of Insanity, motivates you with this saying “Dig Deeper!”  Every time he says that, I always think of Wayne Dyer’s beautiful quote “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”

It takes inner strength and a full connection to Source energy in order to do whatever it takes to get wherever it is you want to go. You have to dig deeper, constantly realigning yourself to your truth and who it is that you are so you can tap into the light that illuminates your path with opportunity and direction.

It’s easy to know what we need to do to tap into our intuitive guidance but a whole different ballgame when you commit to taking action and seeing the results of stepping up and into following your intuition and being connected to your Divine purpose.

There’s always so much more power within you that you’re unaware of at the present moment. Yet with a deep knowing and understanding of what truly moves you, gives you that extra boost of energy to tap into that power.

I began this workout program because I was feeling physically weak. I had to get real with myself, my health and make new commitments to my body.  A truth that I hold close to me is that I honor my body as the physical vehicle and temple in which I create in this lifetime.  Hey, you’re not creating from the body of your sister and through her two hands right?

I have been neglecting the physical movement my body has been craving and allowing myself to not feel the physical strength that I know is within me. And so when I tap into this deep knowing and truth for myself, it allows me to dig deep and strengthen my body so that it serves me in the way that I need it to in order to keep fulfilling my heart’s desires.

As we move into the New Year, it’s a beautiful time to commit to you, your truth and the power that’s within.

Your I Love Intuition Assignment for today:

  • Take a moment to journal about what your heart desires for the New Year. What are you feeling called to create, share and feel?
  • Now get clear about the truth of your heart’s desires.  What moves you or inspires you to see them become real?  For example, I have committed to strengthening my body because the body is how I can co-create with Spirit, which will allow me to be healthy and live longer to continue to do what I love, which is helping others access their own intuitive guidance system.
  • Now commit to seeing your heart’s desires come to life.  Every time you feel like you just don’t have it in you anymore to move forward (because everything you want is always outside your comfort zone so it’s going to require you to do things you’ve never ever done before) anchor back into the truth of what moves and inspires you to dig deeper and tap into that power within to see your dreams come to life.

Know that you have the strength to move you beyond perceived limitations and go that extra mile.   My I Love Freedom Private Mentoring program program is perfect in providing the support and tools you need to release those energies that block you from achieving what is truly possible for you while strengthening your intuitive muscles.

By doing so, you’re always in alignment with your inner strength and personal power.  If you are ready to DIG DEEPER in your life and express your purpose, then I’d love for you to receive my complimentary gift to you, a 45-minute Express Your Soul Session. On this one call alone, you’ll gain clarity, insights and next steps to take for a fabulous New Year!