Knowing what feels good and true for you in every moment, decision, choice, and action you make keeps you on track with your purpose.

In it’s simplicity, your purpose is to love.

To be love.

To radiate love.

To embody love.

To give love.

To receive love.

Your intuition will always guide you back to love.

Now is it always that easy?


Because aligning back to love each day can mean saying no, standing up for yourself, asking for what you want, taking action despite how scary or risky it may feel, or leaving a relationship, job, or situation that sucks the soul out of you.

Living on purpose and essentially, living in love, can look like dancing while you do dishes (like I did this morning), taking your puppies for a car ride, holding your friend’s hand while you listen to her struggles, singing to your flowers while you water them in the garden, or sipping mimosas on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean.

Being attuned to what feels good, even if good means to change things up in your life, always brings you back to purpose.

Ask your intuition this…

What do I need today to feel alive, joyful, and connected?

How can I infuse passion in my life today?

What is one area of my life that I’m not in love with?  What is one action that I can take today to shift that to a place of love?

Here’s what I need…

I need to get outside and play.  Date night with my man tonight is on the list.

A passion infused day today is to bring gratitude into each task I do, I’ve got a long to do list today but feeling blessed for even the “mundane” ones.

One area I’m not in love with is my office. I’m still not totally moved in and so my action is to get my space set up.

Lead with your intuition today.  Allow it to guide you towards embodying more love.

The more actions you take that fill you with love, the more connected you feel to your purpose. @ILoveIntuition

And the more your purpose will reveal itself to you.

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