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After being asked last night how I became a psychic and sharing my story, I woke up this morning reflecting on this unicorn ride of how I magically got to where I am today.

I figured since this question comes up often, I’d spill the beans here.

Growing up, I had two mystical experiences that have impacted who I am and my Spiritual path.

When I was eight years young, my Lola passed away.  She was a real life Angel to me, always smiling, very loving and had a strong presence about her.

LolaDoring2That’s her posing proudly next to an apple tree.

The evening of her passing, she came to visit me in my dreams.  I remember it vividly.  I was standing barefoot in my foyer with the front door open and she was standing at the entrance on the concrete step.  She was emanating a glow around her and her feet didn’t quite touch the ground.  She had her usual carefree smile and powdered face.

I felt an excitement inside me as she came close to my face, telling me that she’s doing fine and to let everyone know too.  From that astral connection with her Spirit, I woke up knowing that we are all infinite.

At the budding age of eleven, I had corrective spinal surgery for scoliosis and you can see the crazy stainless steel rod I’ve got (and no I don’t make the alarms go off at the airport).  It was painful, agonizing and I was bed ridden for a month.

My beautiful spine.

During recovery one day, my dad held my hands, meditated in front of me and gave me, what I now know as, an energy healing. Not really sure what he did but I do remember that when he opened his eyes all my pain was gone and I was pain free for days.

My belief in miracles, energy and Spirit was solidified.

Throughout my wild and extremely rebellious teenage years, I was in search of my own Soul and voice.  Art and creativity kept me sane and connected me to Spirit, while I dived deep studying about metaphysics, auras, meditation, psychic abilities and anything I could get my hand on that had to do about Spirituality and energy.

In 2002, after graduating with a B.A. in Interactive Multimedia and Art from Columbia College Chicago, my boyfriend at the time told me about these meditation classes that he felt I would really like.  I signed up in the fall, ended up taking their energy healing classes too and then suddenly I’m enrolled for a year-long intensive Clairvoyant training program.

Funny thing is, is that I joined this program for myself.  My life was already shifting from the meditation and energy healing courses that I thought it would be so much fun to strengthen my psychic abilities even more.

Never in a million years I thought I’d be doing this professionally nor did I ever think “Oh cool, I’m going to learn how to give clairvoyant readings to other people.”  In hindsight, that was a byproduct of the journey, when my intention was to actually learn how to empower my own life.

Graduating psychics are set free to change the world!

It was a transformative and highly intense year, definitely not for the faint of heart I’d say.  We began that class with 23 people and by the time we graduated, there were a total of 8 of us who happily made it through. Phew!

I started giving psychic readings and energy healings to people since I loved doing them so much. I never even considered it a “paid service”.

One day a friend of mine had mentioned how good I was and that I should start charging.  Hearing that was so crazy to me, since it never crossed my mind before.

After much contemplation, and working through had some internal fears and issues around it, I started doing readings by donation then putting a price on it, which I think at the time, was like $20 for a one-hour reading.  I’ve come a long way right? Hehe.

For five years, I was a closet psychic while running my own show as a muralist, decorative painter, graphic designer, photographer, dancer, high school teacher and the list goes on.

Indigo Arts Inc was my first business as a muralist and decorative painter.

I moved to Las Vegas, got a gig as an Art Director but started becoming energetically drained.  I knew this isn’t what I wanted to do and by ignoring my heart’s desires I started becoming sick. Every other month for a whole year I’d be stricken with a harsh cough and cold.

I knew something had to change so I left the position.  My sickness continued until the morning of New Year’s Day 2008.  I woke up and my voice was completely gone. For an entire week I was in silence. Spirit really wanted me to listen this time. I was weary. Emotionally, mentally and physically drained and truly felt disconnected from all of life’s beauty and magic.

A voice within said to do what you love and after getting real with myself, I decided to jump in full time giving readings, healings and painting.  Since then, I was guided to receive a certification in Life and Spiritual Coaching which I did in 2010.  Now I integrate it all: art, creativity, psychic readings, meditation, coaching and teaching into what I Love Intuition is today.

So who knows where it will head to next.  As long as you stay authentic and true to your heart, what you desire, the lifestyle you choose to create, and trust your intuition, you’ll be guided every step of the way.

I share this with you because I never planned this life or wanted to be a psychic reader, Spiritual teacher or intuitive life coach.  I stumbled upon it simply by doing what I love and following my heart.  Then finding ways to make it happen as a living for myself.

Your purpose is not your career.  Your purpose is to love, and when you are in a state of love and put love in everything you do, doors magically open for you.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance. Namaste.