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Frequently Asked Questions About
Ignite Your Intuition

I’m new to all this energy stuff, am I in the right place?

Remember energy is everything.  In case you’re new to me, I am a down to earth, practical Taurus who  loves taking action because here on earth is where it’s at.  I mean, why do all this Spiritual and Energy stuff when you actually aren’t seeing results in your life.  BORING.

Plus, I have a really beautiful gift of being able to translate a lot of the “Spiritual” jargon and Universal principles into easy and practical every day language that you can implement for real time results.

If fairies, unicorns, star beings and aliens are not your thing, but you totally love personal development, energy management, and want to trust your gut feeling no matter what, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re open minded to learn about your aura, chakras, and how to speak the four languages of intuition, then this is a super fun and practical way to learn it.

Speaking of Auras and Chakras, could you tell me more about what they are and why I need to know how to access them?

Oooh yea! This is juicy stuff right here.  Basically you are not your body, but are a Soul that lives in a body.  So your energetic field just doesn’t remain within the confines of your skin but actually radiates about 3 feet around you like an egg shaped bubble of light aka your aura.  Your aura suffers from a lot of that energetic confusion I spoke about because it absorbs outside energies from the environment and people that can actually create heaviness, stress, and block your ability to receive intuitive information.  In the program you’ll learn how to clear your aura of all this debris and protect yourself too.

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” or “disk” and are metaphysical energy centers or vortices located throughout the body. There are 7 major chakras that run along the spine, each having a specific quality, and serve as a way to communicate energetically with the world around you.  When they are balanced and open, they provide a vital flow of energy.

Because you receive intuitive information through these centers, it’s important that you maintain them in tip top shape so you can show up in your life and business ready to shine.  And I’ll definitely show you powerful ways to do so!

What if I already know how to work with my chakras and aura?  Will this still benefit me?

Absolutely!  I’ve worked with numerous energy healers and intuitives who have been practicing this sort of work for years.  And many times over they’ve experience profound shifts through my teachings and tools.

I myself still learn new techniques with working with my chakras, aura, and developing my intuition even more.  I believe in having a well equipped Spiritual and Energy Toolbox that you can rely on for different situations and experiences throughout your journey.

I’m a busy Goddess. How much time do I need to carve out for Ignite Your Intuition?

In total, about 5 hours a week.

That’s your weekly training modules, guided exercises, practicing the tools 10 minutes a day and our live group call per week which probably will run at least an hour.  But you don’t have to stay on them for the entire time if you’re unable to.

That’s only 30 hours to Ignite Your Intuition and learn powerful energetic techniques to create more abundance, peace and clarity at any crossroad for Life.

At a minimum to still experience great results, you would need to do the guided exercises and practice them 10 minutes a day, then it would be about 2 hours a week.

If you’re dedicated to developing your intuition, you’ll make the time. 30 hours in 6 weeks is nothing compared to years and years of doubting your decisions and wasting time, money and precious energy going against your gut.

I know you work with a lot of entrepreneurs, do I need to have a business to take this course?

Not at all!  I have worked with plenty of kindred Souls ranging from nurses, doctors, lawyers, financial planners, dentists, hairdressers, designers, bartenders, computer programmers, healers, human resource managers and the list goes on.   They have been able to incorporate these tools within their careers, achieving pay raises out of no where, given promotions, leadership roles and more.

Learning to trust your intuition and having energy tools to support you in your life can be used whether or not you have a business since they elevate all areas – career, relationships, health and wealth.

If it’s calling you, go for it!

Are men allowed?

Yup!  I have taught this course before with men.  I find it to be quite refreshing to have the male energy in the circle.  Spiritual and Soul Centered men are starting to really embrace their Divine Feminine and Intuitive energy. It’s beautiful to be able to create a space for them to access their own inner wisdom and be Soulful leaders, fathers, brothers and sons.  I am passionate about helping more men access these tools in a way that isn’t all airy-fairy fluffy.

I won’t be able to make the live group coaching calls.  Will it still be worth it?

Yes, but the live calls is where you can get the personalized intuitive guidance and attention.  Good news is, you can send me your questions ahead of time and I will answer it live on the call.  Plus I am offering the calls at two different time slots per week to accommodate for different schedules and time zones.

If you can make it to some of the calls, you’ll definitely get the full force effect of Ignite Your Intuition.  You’ll also receive the live recording as well and we have the private facebook forum where I can address your questions that may come up from listening to a replay of the live call or questions you have in general about your experience.

Will I receive individual attention in the Facebook Group?

Yes.  I will be spending a lot of time in the Facebook group personally answering your questions, customizing the tools based on your needs, sharing intuitive insights and ideas.   I want you to make the most out of this course that you’ll be the talk of the town because everyone will feel how shiny bright you are.

What if I want to have a private one-on-one session with you?

If you’re looking for more private support then I would recommend Ignite Your Intuition PLUS Private mentoring.  It’s absolutely transformational!  Plus we get to journey for 5 months – lots can expand, emerge, and be created in that time together.

I don’t have a Facebook account.  Can I still join Ignite Your Intuition?

Yes but I highly recommend you be a part of the Facebook group.   You’ll be able to be a part of a heart centered community.  One thing I hear all the time and have experienced myself is how “lonely” it feels to be on a Spiritual path which is why it’s so important to connect to like minded individuals who are creating positive change in the world.

Do you have a refund policy?

I am so devoted to giving you the utmost value with this program.  I know these tools are life changing and I’ve seen them work over and over again so I feel confident to offer you my Satisfied Soul Promise.  You have 21 days from the start of the program (August 3rd) to dive in.

My only requirement is that for the first 21 days you show up, ask me questions, commit to practicing the exercises and if you truly are unhappy with the course by the end of those 21 days, then send us an email and we’ll happily refund your money.

How do I access the program?  What is the format?

Here’s what you’ll need:

A phone (or Skype account)


Facebook Account

You will have a private membership site where you can log in and access the weekly lessons that will be provided as video, audio and pdf transcripts.

Our group calls take place on a conference line and recordings are emailed to you that day.

You will have audio and pdf downloads available.

If you can press play on a youtube video, you’ll be able to access the program.

We’ve laid it all super simple and easy for you.  If you ever have tech difficulties, Team ILI will support you immediately.

Can I share Ignite Your Intuition with someone else?

No.  The material is copyrighted and is for your eyes only.  The Facebook group is a sacred circle and everything that happens in Ignite Your Intuition stays in Ignite Your Intuition.   Confidentiality is key since we do a lot of inner transformative work, it’s important we all honor the sensitivity of each other’s growth and experiences.

I don’t live in the USA.  Is there a way for me to join the Live group calls and ask questions?

Yes.  Thank Goddess for Skype. It’s totally free and you can call in for free.

How are these energy tools taught?

You will receive bite sized, 10 – 15 minute, audio meditations each week for you to listen to and practice.  It’s through these audios that you will get to experience how to actually work with your chakras, aura, intuition and intentions.

Then you will also be given a weekly creative challenge that is optional but highly recommended.  This will help you to further embody these energetic tools into something that is tangible.

But what if I have a hard time meditating?

This is exactly why I have created them short and sweet for you.  I find that meditation is an important part to creating a rich inner life and learning how to receive your own inner answers.  It’s through the silencing of the outer world that you can truly hear your inner world.  If you can practice a minimum of 10 minutes a day, you’ll see results.

Plus there a numerous health benefits to meditation especially managing the stress of running a life and business.  I’m a big advocate for meditation, I have had a regular practice for over 10 years and I also started as a child.

How much does the program cost? 

I’ve offered a generous payment plan to fit all kinds of budgets.  And yes, I trust you so much that I’m even extending payments beyond the 6 weeks.

For Option 1 of Ignite Your Intuition Group Program Only:
$333 for one payment.
$177 for two payments.
$122 for three payments.

For Option 2 of Ignite Your Intuition PLUS Private Mentoring:
$277 for six payments for a total of $1662

Is everyone intuitive?

Yes!  We all have this sixth sense within us.  It just gets shut down because we’re not encouraged as children to access it and use it.  It’s a learnable skill and I’ll show you exactly how!



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