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Ignite Your Intuition is a 6-week online learning experience for spiritual seekers and soulful entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their intuitive and psychic abilities to confidently, clearly, and boldly live their life purpose.




  • The complete Ignite Your Intuition Program
  • All six video audio and training modules  dripped to you each week
  • Transcripts and pdf worksheets
  • Powerful meditations, energy healing and energy alchemy  tools
  • Plus six LIVE Q&A calls for customized support and intuitive coaching!
  • Bonus #1: Living Your Purpose and Deepening Your Intuitive Journey
  • Bonus #2: Intuition For Relationships
  • Bonus #3: Clearing Patterns that Sabotage Success
  • Our journey together goes from Monday, August 30 – Friday October 8!
I am EXTREMELY happy and ESTATIC that I took the course. It was PHENOMENAL and Christina is PHENOMENAL!

Before I joined Ignite Your Intuition, I was in a place where I was feeling pretty lost in life, struggling with finding direction in my life as well as a couple specific circumstances relating to my job and a romantic interest. I didn’t know what steps to take in my life.

I had done multiple 1:1 readings with Christina and absolutely love her work. I thought this would be a good opportunity to strengthen my intuition and get Christina’s guidance as I did so.

During IYI, I learned so much including how to work with my energy when I was nervous and anxious and navigate my energy so I can better listen to my intuition. I definitely felt more confident about my decisions even if no one else agreed with them after this course.

Shortly after this program I moved to a new city and joined a graduate program all based on my intuition! I don’t know that I would have been able to make these big “risky” decisions if I wasn’t at one with my intuitive voice, which is exactly what this course helps with.

The videos and the fact that Christina gives everyone a lot of individual attention on the group calls and through out the program, which was great. I appreciated how much time she spent with us live.

I love Christina’s instruction style and personality. She is so loving and kind and is never judgmental in her tone. I felt very safe to share some of my deepest thoughts or my craziest desires with her. This program offers the instruction + 1:1 attention which is key.

Even if you don’t feel you have time, make the time because this course will help your everyday decisions as well as long term ones!  Also if you haven’t worked with Christina in the past, this group setting is a great way to get introduced to her!

Aditi Ramchandani

Angel Intuitive Life Coach & Marketing Strategist,

Without this program, I would have taken a different path that wasn’t the right one for me at all. When I joined Ignite Your Intuition, I was struggling with some big decisions and which direction to take in my own life. I was in the middle of a group coaching program that wasn’t giving me enough clarity about how to make changes I wanted and I needed guidance. I loved the idea that I could rely on myself instead of others who may not truly have my best interests in mind.

The combination of Christina’s guidance and strengthening my own intuition helped to guide me. Without this program, I would have taken a different path that wasn’t the right one for me at all. I have tons of confidence now that I can make choices that are best for me and when I do reach out for guidance, it aligns with what I already believed to be true for me. I loved that Christina made sure everyone was fully heard during our calls and she stayed on the call until everyone received what they needed. I never felt left out, forgotten about or ignored and I appreciate that about her.

Christina’s intuition is right on the money and she shares her insights in a loving yet straightforward way. Everything she offers comes from a completely authentic place and the guided meditations are wonderful! Ignite Your Intuition is awesome if you are looking for support, answers and guidance that will lead you to be able to follow your own intuition easier. And until you get to that space where you can trust yourself, Christina will use her intuition to give you the nudges and insights that you need.  Investing in Ignite Your Intuition was a great decision!

Faith Presley

Creative Change Guide,

I feel that these practices are great empowerment tools that everyone needs to know and will find useful for your life! I felt called to be a part of Ignite Your Intuition because I was going through a break up and also building my side business. I thought it would be a good time to really learn how to clear my chakras and work with my energy.

I now have a better understanding of my energy and intuition and have manifested new opportunities, feel more empowered, and have created strong boundaries for myself in my life. All the materials and meditations were very simple and practical which made it engaging and very easy to apply. I enjoyed that Christina included personal coaching and intuitive readings every week. I feel that these practices are great empowerment tools that everyone needs to know and will find useful for your life!


Dental hygienist and Medical Qi Gong Practitioner,

Christina has been a beacon of light for me! The energy that she radiates is so full of love and hope and motivation. She has shown me how to trust myself more and keep a better sense of balance in my life. I decided to take Ignite Your Intuition which has allowed me to see the Universe from a different perspective, truly changing my life.

During the course, I was going through a very difficult and emotional period in my life. Chrissy taught me how to take care of and protect myself spiritually during that time. I needed to make a very important decision, and during one of her readings, I was given the answer more clearly than I had ever experienced in my life.

I continue to attend her groups and readings whenever I can to receive guidance as I make positive changes in my life, and I’ve highly recommended meeting with her to all of my friends.

Michelle Dragovich


Christina opened pathways for me that I would never have thought of. I hired Christina to help me with making a big hiring decision in my business. I was nervous about it, and wasn’t even sure where I would find this perfect person. Clearly she’s intuitive – which is why I hired her – but what you might not know is that she’s a super-smarty business pants too. If you have been struggling with making a decision for a long time and you just can’t wrap your brain around it, definitely hire her.
Erika Lyremark

Business Strategist and Coach,

If you’re thinking of working with Christina then stop thinking about it – and give it a try! There is nothing to be lost, yet a wonderful world of insight, connectedness and success to be discovered. Christina taught me to use energy tools to redirect my fear into reassurance and confidence in future opportunities. What I love about learning from Christina is that she meets you where you are – and creates fun and playful ways to begin using the energy tools. Within 3 months of implementing the tools that Christina taught me, I experienced an amazing shift in my business. I was able to let go of two major projects that were not giving me the opportunity to truly leverage my gifts as a Coach and Learning Designer to take on new projects that offered more than double the earning potential. All the while, streamlining my client base and beginning to integrate true work/life balance again.
Jeannie Sullivan

Learning Designer and Coach,

I have done a few online courses and by far Christina was the most generous with her own time and content. Before Ignite Your Intuition, I was feeling unclear about which path to take.  Since the course, I feel stronger, more vibrant, and much clear about my life.  I also feel a lot more tuned in generally to my intuition and body. I even won a music business scholarship (worth $1400) that I had been wanting to do for ages! I have done a few online courses and by far Christina was the most generous with her own time and content. Christina also has a knack of really tuning in to you easily and quickly and her advice was spot on! Ignite Your Intuition is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to live more soulfully, authentically and of course trust their intuition to move forward with clarity in their lives and businesses!
Prita Grealy

Singer and Songwriter,

I joined IYI because I wanted to understand how to connect more with my intuition, how to use and really know when I am hearing it.   I loved the experience! The program was full of so much information on how to understand my intuition, ways I can connect, how to tap into my chakras and how that support my ability to tune into my inner voice.

I loved Christina’s energy and insights and how she gently guided and supported me throughout the program. Christina is very “hands on” and accessible. Many other programs don’t offer the support Christina offers so if you’re thinking about it, I say JUMP! All in with both feet! Be a part of the class, conversations and community. You will find so much knowledge about connecting with your intuition.

Janelle Anderson

Life and Health Coach,

I’m Christina Ambubuyog
Let’s just say I’ve got some experience under my belt.

I’ve been an intuitive coach for over 10 years, and I’ve created a spiritual business where I mentor, coach, lead retreats, and have given thousands of readings and energy healings to amazing clients worldwide.

I’ll be psychically and lovingly holding your hand every step of the intuitive journey!

But I wasn’t always so confident with my own intuition. As a matter fact, I hid in the psychic closet for many years…
You see, when I was younger, I’d always been into discovering my soul and spirituality.

After graduating college, I ended jumping right into a year long psychic training school because I loved learning more about who I was.  The by-product was that I became a highly skilled reader and I was hooked!  It was fascinating to be able to not only see other people’s Souls but to truly see my own.

I loved this work yet I was scared as hell what other people would think.  So I hid in the “psychic closet” for many years only giving readings to those who I thought wouldn’t think I was crazy.  Fast forward to 2007 where I was working as an Art Director in Las Vegas. The job started to completely drain all my energies. I became bone-weary and sick. I developed a crippling cold and phlegm-hacking cough, every other month for a whole year.

On New Year’s Day in 2008, I woke up and had completely lost my voice. Silence. Nothing. I was mute for an entire week. All my energies were zapped, and I could barely get out of bed to eat breakfast.

But I paused. And I listened closely. And a voice told me to do what my Soul desires.

And after some inner searching, I knew I wanted to give readings, healings and painting full-time. I finally got clear and listened to my own guidance. It’s given me every step to live my purpose and even open my heart to receive an amazing man that I adore (even after a divorce!).

I never went into this path as an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher thinking it would ever be anything other than what I love.

Now it’s my mission to help other women who want to fully express their true selves and upgrade their lives in a loving, supportive community…and have fun doing it!

The most magnificent, authentic and brilliant expression of your Soul awaits.
Ignite Your Intuition is the place to be to honor your inner wisdom and bring your purpose to life.