My second visit to the Philippines once again provides for me many eye opening experiences and a constant digestion of humbling thoughts. This time around offered me a further understanding of the government structure, the political uprising, as well as a look into the social hierarchy in the country. I really grasped the resourcefulness of the Filipino and was amazed as to how many of these people are able to survive in conditions so unfavorable and I remember driving by a “squatters” area and seeing a group of men sitting outside on the sidewalk. They all had smiles on their faces laughing together. Smiles that beamed of a persevering spirit. I was moved by the numerous people I saw with a sparkle of light in their eyes, some a little brighter than others, with a faith so strong that tomorrow will bring them a better day. There are so many energies around in the Philippines I had to consciously pull my aura a little bit closer to my body and I met with many levels of spirit. I wish to one day travel to the Philippines and work with the Faith Healers there πŸ™‚ That would be super cool πŸ™‚
I loved my trip. I loved seeing my family there and spending time with them. I loved meeting my new family on Dave’s side and experiencing Vigan and the Ilocos area. I loved eating fresh fruit especially mangoes everyday. I loved walking everywhere and taking the tricycle around. I got to experience my first real nightclub at Embassy in Fort Bonifacio… wow! Embassy is the #1 club in the Philippines and where all the celebrities go etc etc. So it was interesting to hang out with the famous artistas (actors) and models of the P.I. since our friend runs the nites at Embassy. These filipinos party hard and Dave got to spin for them πŸ™‚ It was so much fun and we were treated so lovingly by all the people there. And I was able to get a reading from Mama Luz at the Plantation Bay in Cebu. She’s got a great energy about her and she did a reading with a regular deck of cards in a style i’ve never seen before. It was pretty precise and I was happy to meet and see a fellow lightworker πŸ™‚
I feel blessed for a wonderful and safe trip. Enjoy my images from the P.I.
Kalesas and tricycles πŸ™‚ The ecofriendlier way of transportation
Lolo’s War Jeep!

Vigan City Storefronts

A long line at a Children’s Health Clinic on Mactan Island Cebu

Philippine Flag at the top of Plantation Bay Cebu

So blessed to visit the pottery shop where they make their famous Vigan pots out of a special clay that fires to a steely black color πŸ™‚ The artists there let me make one on their heavy duty manual potter’s wheel! You have to kick the wheel with your foot while holding onto a strap hanging from the rafters. A truly memorable experience πŸ˜€ I felt so lucky!

MMMMM! Orange empanadas… I must admit, at first I was a little weary about the bright orange color as the lady was creating them in front of us at lightning speed. But I think they were one of the best empanadas I have ever had! Nothing like I’ve seen or tasted before. Dip in vinegar and I was in heaven πŸ™‚ I had the veggie one of course πŸ˜› and only 5cents, can’t beat that and they were ginormous!

Kalesas on the cobblestone streets of historic Vigan

Neat sculptures and pots, texture of an old storefront

Dave rockin the crowd at Embassy Nightclub in Fort Bonifacio Manila
There were thousands (really!) of people there and they went crazy :
Go D Double!

We visited the home and museum of the famous painter Juan Luna in Badoc. Great work and history!

My Juan Luna Pose as I paint in Tita Betty’s secret garden oasis

The three paintings I made for Tita Betty’s Children’s Clinic. And that’s Jansen, an artist in the making πŸ™‚ He was so intrigued watching me paint so I let him paint on an extra board. I noticed His art was so detailed for his age and so we gifted him with watercolors, brushes, crayons and a ream of paper… what a happy kid he was. He called me “the lady who bought me the paint. “
I don’t mind that πŸ˜›

Antique harp at a Vigan storefront

Church of Paoay. Lots and lots of energies!

Shopping shopping shopping πŸ™‚ I loved how the shops were, open air, piles of things everywhere.

Colorful Jeepney in Manila!