While washing the dishes last night I noticed my beautiful plant waving his green leaves at me showing how big he’s become. In all his speedy growth I knew it was time to replant him into a bigger pot so that he can continue to spread his roots and progress toward his natural state of growth.

Two things that came to my mind when staring at my plant: the love I have put into caring for him and actually realizing how many leaves he has now and how tall he has become. There was patience involved as well as trust, just knowing that all I need to do is water his soil and he will grow.

It’s the same process when planting new seeds in your garden of life, this garden could be anything from growing your business to creating a relationship you’ve always wanted. You must take consistent action to make sure your garden blooms and grows and inevitably you will see the fruits of your labor.

During this cultivation you will notice the best fertilizer to speed up the process, so that could be meeting the right network of business owners or creating a new thought form that allows you to be worthy of receiving a dream love in your life. Be patient and committed to your garden and watch it bloom!

The second thought when seeing his rapid state of growth, knowing that he needs to be repotted was Robert Allen’s quote “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone”.

Take my plant’s pot for example. His old pot has a certain circumference to it, which we will call his “comfort zone”.  In that comfort zone his roots can only expand so much therefore only allowing him to grow to a certain height. The new pot that is bigger and has a much wider circumference is beyond his comfort zone, representing personal growth, development, increase in height, width, more leaves and deeper stronger roots. So in order for my plant to grow he must leave his comfort zone and move into a new pot, one he’s never experienced before.







Comfort Zone is his current pot, notice the smaller size. Potential, Growth and Expansion is the new larger pot!

There comes a time when we must move beyond what we know as familiar and experience new territory, expand our consciousness and stretch to reach our full potential. As I placed my plant into his new home, I know that it will take a moment of adjusting, integrating his current soil into the new and naturally he will begin too spread his roots out further, becoming stronger and deeper in his new territory.

If you really want what you really want, you’re going to have to tread new waters, do something different in your life and be a little bit uncomfortable.

You can’t keep doing the same things expecting different results, something within the equation requires change and that change is within you. If you find yourself at a standstill in your life or not seeing any changes happening the way you hope they would then you are sitting in your comfort zone.








Taking the leap and moving into the new pot and happy to be able to continue on the path of growth!

To seek new and positive change in your live, you’ve got to widen your own circumference of knowledge, experiences and take on new endeavors, try things you’ve never tried before, push a little bit harder and take a step outside of your own comfort zone.

So take a moment today to examine your own comfort zone with these steps:

  1. What is not working in your life today? What areas in your life are you not seeing the changes you want?
  2. Now look at what you have been doing over and over again to create the same result.  Take that pattern and ask yourself, what can I do differently in order to achieve the result that I do want?
  3. Brainstorm ideas just outside of your comfort zone of where you need to go, what you need to do, who you need to connect with in order to manifest your desired result.
  4. Embrace the exciting possibility that your next move will take you closer to your desire and trust in your ability to expand, grow and achieve what you truly want.
  5. Take action on one thing today that moves you beyond your comfort zone.

Remember to have patience and compassion for yourself as you cultivate new experiences in your life. This is the water and fertilizer that will help you flourish, so remember to tend to your new garden with loving care.

To support, guide and help you access your intuitive next steps for moving beyond your comfort zone, an intuitive reading can help you explore new territory and achieve exactly what it is you want!