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Happy Spring!  We’ve got some serious planetary energies happening at this moment.  I don’t know about you but it’s been an intense week!!!  My emotions have been all over the place and I’ve wanted to run and hide under the covers multiple times.  I’m feeling much more grounded today and mainly because of the easy practices I share with you in today’s video.

When you’re born, you come into this life with your soul essence and life force energy. Throughout our lives our energy can become depleted leaving us drained, disconnected or with not enough energy to create what we truly desire.

So if you’ve been feeling disconnected from who you are, struggling with feeling alive and passionate in your life or if you just want more happiness then check out this video on how to increase your life force energy.

I’m making some changes here at ILI.  I want to create more engagement with you through live video hangouts and classes where we can actually talk and connect even more.  So I may be writing less on the blog although I do want to do more video blogs too.

But I need your questions that I can answer on video!

I am looking for your burning question about developing a rock solid connection to your intuition, creativity, soul purpose, or creating a soulful lifestyle, relationship or business.  Write them below and I shall answer them live on video, giving you the spotlight and a chance to share.

So if you’re feeling scattered, confused and want me to shed intuitive light onto your situation or just want to rev up your superpowers, then pour your heart out and I may just pick your question to be answered live just for you!

Tell me about your question here.

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