Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities To Receive Answers From Your
Soul & Spirit

You're here to share your gifts whether that's through your business, career, art, or community. You lead with heart, truth, and SOUL.

You're a visionary, creative, and sensitive soul 
doing transformative work in the world.

Most people have the wrong idea of what it means to be psychic. But you're NOT most people.

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psuche (psychê), meaning "soul." Being psychic is truly about tapping into and living from your Soul.

By tuning into your intuitive abilities, you'll have the confidence and clarity to make soul-aligned decisions, navigate life's challenges with grace, and cultivate fierce faith to bring your visions to life.

Most importantly, your intuition guides you to express your Divine purpose fully.

Perhaps you've had psychic or intuitive glimpses show up in your life through prophetic dreams of the future, an inner nudge about the direction to take your business, or a gut feeling that something isn't quite right.

You've trusted it at times but you've ignored it more than you care to admit. 

But not anymore. With this guided meditation, you'll begin to open up your intuition to receive guidance from your Soul and Spirit, deepen the connection with your Higher Self, and enhance all areas of your life and business.

This meditation and playbook will guide you to:

Open up your psychic abilities

Activate your four psychic senses for greater clarity, soul-aligned answers, and to make optimal decisions in your life and business.

Connect and receive Divine guidance

Tune into and receive answers from your Soul and Spirit in a confident, safe, and practical way.

Strengthen your intuition 

Every time you listen to and practice this mediation, you'll get better and better at discerning your intuition from all the other thoughts going on in your head. 

The answers you seek are already within you.

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Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities to Receive Answers
from Your Soul & Spirit

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Meet Christina Ambubuyog

Fun fact: Ambubuyog means "bumblebee" in Tagalog.

Welcome! I'm Christina Ambubuyog, a first-generation Filipina and proudly Pinay, a rebel soul and rulebreaker (bless my parents for putting up with me). I can't stand the word "woo-woo" to describe what has long been sacred + ancestral practices. I'm a bookworm, I laugh loud, and a down to earth Taurus who loves luxurious spa days. 

The mystic magic I bring is this...

I'm an intuitive consultant, psychic, energy healer, spiritual teacher, artist and creator of I Love Intuition. In essence, I help you strengthen your intuition and reveal your Soul's purpose so you can express it fully, boldly, and from a place of deep + collective service to the world.

For the past 16 years, I've given thousands of intuitive readings, energy healings, and intuitive coaching to a wide range of spiritual seekers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders. I teach meditation, expressive arts, and intuition development workshops, online programs, and retreats. I've also worked with organizations such as United Way, Vistage International, Neiman Marcus, and as a TEDx speaker. 

I love hiking and exploring the outdoors, traveling incessantly, chasing sunsets, and living a deliciously peaceful life with my sweet Aquarian husband.

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