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February was the month we spent talking about intuition + love, and that stirred the changes for this round of Ignite Your Intuition to become Ignite Your Intuition: The Love Edition. Opening your heart, receiving love, and creating boundaries pave the way for digging in deep and reconnecting with your soul.

How do I know if Ignite Your Intuition: The Love Edition is right for me right now?

How does self-love affect my life?

I’m not sure what I want from love. Or life. Or…

Does my happiness in relationships do anything for my business and prosperity?

I’m already in a relationship. Do I still need to know my heart and soul?

What do I need to do to open myself up to love?

HOW can I open up to receive a love that is aligned to my Soul?

These questions and so many more will become clearer in Ignite Your Intuition. We’re digging deep, peeling back the layers, uncovering the core of you.

Is the person you trust the most in life yourself? We’re going to dig deep so you can fall back in love with yourself, and get all the guidance you’ve been missing.  Your soul has been whispering to you – are you listening?

The answers to all your questions are within you. Love begins with you. And the challenges, blocks, and lack of love also begin with you.

Do you…

  • want to know how to give as often as you receive?

  • want of to know how love affects other areas of your life, like business and health?

  • wish to deepen the connection between you and your children, partner, and friends?

  • desire a more intimate connection + conversation with your partner?

  • feel inspired to create friendships that are uplifting, supportive, and Soulful?

  • have six weeks to play + learn how to express your soul + express your purpose + radiate love?

Relationships are two souls at the same time. Let’s create your vision. Let’s discover what your soul wants.

When you think of your ideal life, do you want more of this?

  • clarity about what choice aligns best with you?

  • Knowledge on what qualities you should nurture to create your dreams?

  • Deep, passionate, and joyful conversation with your partner?

  • Synchronistic meetings with people who light you up?

  • Stronger connections with your family?

  • The surefire feeling that what your gut tells you is true?

  • A lover that lights your fire, and lights up your soul?

Yes? You’re in the right place!

Maybe you want to hear clear signs from your soul if someone is the one or whether you should run for the hills.

We’re tapping in, clearing blockages, and learning how to trust yourself. By nourishing your body, mind, and soul, you’re transforming your own life, and welcoming in energy for the Universe to do the same.

Knowing yourself + loving yourself leads to easily making choices that elevates every area of your life, beyond just your romantic relationships. It affects your purpose, your Spiritual practice, following your dream, and your Soul.

What We’re Doing Here

Our Goal: Let yourself be the Highest you. Take guided action. Align with Love.

Know your heart.

Feel your creative flow.

Embrace healthy love.

Listen to your inner guide.

Clear your energy.

Radiate love bravely.

You have to intimately know, trust, and honor your own heart and soul before you can start creating what you want out of life. Relationships are essential to our human experience. Knowing your Soul starts with trusting your inner voice.  Being in touch with your intuition, energy, chakras, and aura gives you a solid foundation in building that relationship to YOU.

Without intimacy and love with yourself, how can you find that in someone else? Let’s reflect what we want to receive. Let’s BE love in all areas of our lives, and light up our own lives.

Who am I?  Why am I here to guide you?

Because I’ve been there. I let life + the opinions of others dim my light and my connection to my Soul. The choices I made? Not the best for my life. After getting sick, I did a reset, cleared my chakras, and rediscovered my Soul.

I’ve learned the heart always wins. I’ve learned that intuition reigns supreme.

I have also learned that your Soul changes and grows and how to faithfully listen to it’s desires.  Even when that means going through a painful divorce knowing that my heart wanted more.

I never thought I’d be a psychic. (You can read about that story here.) Following my passions led me to working intuitively with companies like United Way, Vistage, Lululemon, Neiman Marcus and John Hardy. By following what I love, I realized my purpose is to love and to bring others to a state of love.

I’ve been practicing these energy tools and have been giving intuitive readings for over 10 years, I’ve given over a thousand readings, worked with clients around the world, and have seen the intricacies of the Soul, how she works, and the way that blocks manifest in people’s auras, chakras, and life.  I am continuously fascinated by the Soul’s knowing and the timing of her unfolding.  Seeing the ways that people don’t listen or do listen and the bravery it takes for them to follow their hearts, has inspired me trust more and more in my own intuition.

My life has been all about putting my creativity and passions to the test.  I used to have a decorative painting and mural business, as well as worked as a freelance graphic designer and photographer, gallery artist, and now I Love Intuition.  My purpose drives me and I’ve built my adventurous life listening to that voice within.

I am deeply devoted to my Spiritual path.  I take it seriously yet playfully and can translate these Universal and Spiritual principles into a grounded and practical way.  Everything I share, I’ve practiced first and although I am not perfect nor strive to be, I do believe in honoring what is most authentic  for me, take risks, be vulnerable, and stretch my Soul to new levels of awareness and possibility.

From the Hearts of Others

Prita-FremantleBefore Ignite Your Intuition, I was  feeling unclear about which path to take. Since the course, I feel stronger, more vibrant, and much clear about my life. I also feel a lot more tuned in generally to my intuition and body. I even won a music business scholarship (worth $1400) that I

had been wanting to do for ages! I have done a few online courses and by far Christina was the most generous with her own time and content. Christina also has a knack of really tuning in to you easily and quickly and her advice was spot on!

Ignite Your Intuition is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to live more soulfully, authentically and of course trust their intuition to move forward with clarity in their lives and businesses!

Prita Grealy,


Jeannie Sullivan_small

If you’re thinking of working with Christina then stop thinking about it – and give it a try! There is nothing to be lost, yet a wonderful world of insight, connectedness and success to be discovered.

Christina taught me to use energy tools to redirect my fear into reassurance and confidence in future opportunities. What I love about learning from Christina is that she meets you where you are – and creates fun and playful ways to begin using the energy tools.

Within 3 months of implementing the tools that Christina taught me, I experienced an amazing shift in my business. I was able to let go of two major projects that were not giving me the opportunity to truly leverage my gifts as a Coach and Learning Designer to take on new projects that offered more than double the earning potential. All the while, streamlining my client base and beginning to integrate true work/life balance again.

Jeannie Sullivan,

Still with me loves? Then you’re in the right place!

Refresh yourself on all the deets here + the nitty gritty in the FAQ to answer all of your burning questions!

Listen to your heart. Is it singing at the opportunity to reconnect with your soul? Is it radiant with the thought of blessing your relationships, business, and day to day life with overflowing love?

Your heart knows what to do.