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When you begin strengthening your inner voice, often times it can feel as if you’re making things up or if you’re imagining things.

To discern whether it’s your imagination vs. intuition you’re accessing, read on my dear!

Your imagination is most certainly an important facet in strengthening your creativity, your sixth chakra, and ultimately your intuitive knowing. It helps you to think outside the box, open your mind, and allows you to see fresh perspectives.

You access imagination by using your mind to navigate your thoughts, ideas or images you want to see.  Your imagination is being engaged when you’re intentionally visualizing or saying things in your head.

Play along with me here:  Imagine yourself walking along the beach barefoot, with your feet in the sand and looking across the ocean.  You can make yourself imagine that scene pretty easily right?

Notice how you are actively making that happen in your mind.  This is your imagination.

When you access your intuition, you’re not “forcing” or “making” an image, thought or idea happen.

You simply allow the intuitive guidance to come to you while being in a state of neutrality.  Let the answer emerge rather than trying to look for it.

To achieve the best state to access your intuition and stay out of your imagination, it’s important to get relaxed and centered first.  Breathe mindfully, drop into your body and be present.  Making intuitive decisions in heightened states of stress or frenzy is definitely not the way to go.

Ask your question that you have in mind and then breathe. Continue to stay relaxed and centered while keeping your mind blank, neutral, and open yourself up to receive.

The key here is to let the answers come to you.

If find yourself trying to get an answer or find your mind wanting to make up answers then you’ve moved yourself out of a state of neutrality and into your imagination.

Stay centered and let your Soul speak to you. She’s always talking.  It’s a matter of you giving yourself the space to listen, allow and receive.