I had several private sessions this past week where my clients’ auras were at the brink of exploding!

It reminded me of when I eat way too much for dinner and dessert that I have to unbutton my pants just to breathe. So I had to whip out my handy psychic powers for some thorough aura cleansing to release all that pressure, otherwise, they would have popped like a balloon. Ok, so maybe they wouldn’t have popped but they definitely wouldn’t be feeling their naturally vibrant selves.

Our auras can feel stretched, full, and overextended for various reasons.  We may be handling too much on our plate, staying busy but not necessarily productive, putting others before ourselves, getting sucked into other people’s dramas and therefore taking on their energy, or not getting enough rest or space to reconnect with ourselves, to name a few.

When we’re carrying around way too much excess energy in our aura, it can cause us to feel exhausted, unmotivated, confused, or even distracted.

I’ve also noticed for myself that when my aura is filled with everyone else’s energy except for mine, I feel disconnected from my truth, put myself last or not take care of myself as best as I could, and have a severe lack of focus.

Now if you’re feeling this too, it’s all good because you can make room for YOU again with this quick fix.

Here’s a simple process to help you cleanse your aura:

  1. Take moment to pause and close your eyes and take note of your physical body and your aura around you, which is about 3 feet or arms bubble of energy around you.
  2. Breathe in and out and notice how your aura feels at the moment. Does it feel full? Is it chaotic? Does it feel heavy? Light? Open? Constricted? Psychically feel into the edges of your aura.
  3. Now connect your aura into the earth with a beam of golden light, grounding it and giving it a channel in which it can release unwanted energies.
  4. Let your aura drain out everything that doesn’t belong down and through that beam of light into the earth. Notice how your aura shifts and changes when you do this. Also, feel the spaciousness within your aura too!
  5. Then start to bring in Divine light into your aura, filling you up with your energy and light!

Go ahead and take about 5 minutes to practice this and feel the difference in your energy, body, mind, and soul. I invite you to practice this daily since our auras are constantly being bombarded by all kinds of energy, which keeps us from functioning optimally and fulfilling our purpose.

Big hugs!