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I’ve always been this big picture visionary type of gal.  It’s so easy for me to see the outcome of situations, to see possibility and what’s available on the world buffet to choose from.

There’s power in having clarity of your big vision. Actually it’s quite necessary because without a bigger purpose then you’re stuck in ego trying to figure it all out. With a bigger purpose, you step aside.  Your purpose becomes bigger than you and you can surrender fears and trust in the journey.

Yet I was reminded over the weekend that it’s in the little details where miracles happen. That through step by step is how we make our dreams come true. Paying attention to daily messages provide you with direction, while making life vibrant, joyful and bringing you back to the present moment.  And it’s in the present where Intuitive guidance leads you gracefully along your path.

I went hiking out in Big Basin on Monday, the perfect way to anchor in everything I learned at the event. I was feeling so called to be with Mother Earth, to reground and tap into the expansiveness of nature.   My soul wanted to have a date with the towering redwoods.

It was muddy, mossy and magical.  At one point I was standing on this fallen tree trunk and noticed this little tiny mushroom growing with so much conviction. It was miniscule in comparison to its surroundings of redwoods and wild overgrowth of greens and animals.

This tiny mushroom got me so excited I took photos of it and just loved its beauty. It was in this little detail of life where my intuitive guidance began to activate and a message was being given for me to share.

Love is fearless. The power that we have for growth and expansion can happen anywhere, in any environment, amongst whatever circumstances are presented in front of us.

You can claim your truth.

And sometimes it takes just one little step to make that happen, despite any fear that may surface, despite how small you may feel. One step moves you in the flow of Spirit. Just like this cute tiny mushroom, it claimed its stake on this massive tree trunk.  Amongst huge falling leaves, animals and pouring rain. It chose to rise up.

With these little details you can notice in your own life the messages that are presented to you at every single moment. Guiding you towards your own greatness.

And so in reflection of this moment I am able to see areas I am not allowing myself to claim what is true. Notice where my heart is guiding me and where am I hiding from love.  I am shown where I am not allowing myself to grow and expand fearlessly.  It’s through these little details where your next step comes from.

And that’s how your bigger vision unfolds:  Being present to intuitive messages. Listening for your next guided step.  Then taking bold action.

Your I Love Intuition Assignment:

  • Be in your heart today and stay present to your surroundings.  Taking mindful breaths throughout your day allows you connect in with the present moment.
  • Pay attention to the details of your day.  Miracles are everywhere. Notice the little things.  The synchronicities and messages that are happening for you.  Spirit is always speaking to you.
  • Listen and notice your next guided step that leads you towards your own path of greatness.
  • Take bold action.

Would you like more clarity about your next guided step?  Then I invite you to receive a complimentary Soul Activation Call. Together we’ll get present with where you are and the details needed to create the miracles of your bigger vision. Send me a quick message to let me know you’re ready to take bold action.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!