So there’s this fun little thing that’s been going around on Facebook where you write 25 random things about yourself. So I thought I would post what I wrote on there to here and have you enjoy these 25 Random and Magical Things about moi!

1. My last name Ambubuyog means Bumblebee in Tagalog… it used to be Valencia and the story has it that my great great great great great (i really don’t know how many greats there are) grandfather was a horserider and he used to ride his horse so fast that it made a buzzing sound like a bee… so tada…Ambubuyog was born! oh and Chrissy came from Three’s Company… my mommy watched it while she was home taking care of me πŸ™‚

2. Salvador Dali is my ultimate favorite artist in the whole entire world… besides me. His museum in Figueres Spain is absolutely WILD!!! I felt like i was walking through the folds of his brain πŸ™‚ I was ready to die in peace after that visit.

3. My dad used to work for Konami when Nintendo first came out in the 80’s πŸ™‚ That was the best! He came home everyday with no less than 3 brand new video games for us! We had a serious collection… hundreds of video games. I was a fan of Contra, Castlevania, Winter Olympics and Metroid.
My two sisters, me and my pops would stay up all night playing games! saving passwords and all. Loved it!

4. I secretly missed Coleco when Nintendo came out…. cuz we had this SMURF GAME that was my favorite… it made me nervous playing! ha! wait… I still miss the game.

5. I see spirits… ghosts if you will. scary… i know.

6. I meditate a minimum of an hour a day… usually it ends up being two.

7. I’m a serious bookworm… if i’m not reading books i’m listening to books… mostly nonfiction. i even sleep with books under my pillow and sometimes next to me. osmosis.

8. I’m a Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising. Numerology i’m a 3. My Mayan sign is Yellow Galactic Seed – i knew i used to live on another planet!

9. The first week I moved to Tucson Az my $1200 Klein mountain bike got stolen. Yup! Snatched! Along with JD’s. I asked my spirit guides to keep an eye on my bike for me and to please bring it back if they can. So I’m searching on Ebay to buy a new bike and voila! My bike was being sold on Ebay!!! I got her back and of course not having to bid. She’s still with me and I love riding her πŸ™‚ Thanks Spirit Guides!!! That’s not the only time they’ve done things for me. Sorry JD… I swear I asked them to find yours too!

10. I only like to write with a Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Point pen… preferrably purple. But I have all the colors.

11. I’m a Hospice Volunteer. I love my patient, I visit her weekly… she’s beautiful.

12. In the 6th grade a few friends and I started a petition to have recycling bins in every classroom. Our wish was granted! Go Green! Creating change at such an early change πŸ™‚

13. I’ve been giving and teaching energy healings to my niece since she was born. Everytime I see her I give her a healing and she gives me one… she’s moving into the chakras now and tells me she wants to know how to use the 6th. She’s 7 years old now and a bright light!

14. I’m extra goofy, silly and I like to play and dance.

15. Around the age of 5 my pops would bring me paper from work everyday and I would spend nights drawing at the kitchen table until I literally fell asleep with crayons in hand… my dad would carry me to my bed every night. Such a determined artist I was!

16. I only watch movies if I know it’s worth my time. I have a hard time paying attention to plots because I get lost in the cinematography and how everything visually looks… next thing you know I don’t know what’s going on. So no I’m not a movie buff. But everyone around me seems to be and I feel a bit isolated in this arena. oh well, back to books and painting.

17. Even if I get home at 5am from a crazy night out I will still wake up at 7am… i’m a morning person. I don’t like to miss the daylight. But I always take an afternoon nap. Siestas are a vital part of my day.

18. I cry everytime I think about what my sis said to me one day “as long as you’re painting and doing what you love to do and the family sleeps safely, i’m doing my job.” She’s in the military stationed in Iraq right now. That’s noble. Here comes the tears.

19. I’ve changed the brake pads and discs on my truck. I’m a handywoman. Since my dad had no boys we had to be his assistants… thank goodness for those do it yourself This Old House experiences! I love my power tools… I have my own mini home depot in the garage πŸ™‚

20. Elephants are my favorite animals. Sometimes I wish they had mini versions of them so I can have one as a pet.

21. Mobility, Personal Freedom, Travel and Creativity are key aspects to my living. I feel really blessed to work from home, make my own schedule, paint in my studio, spontaneously travel when I want to and all because I’m just doing what comes natural to me, sharing my gifts. Live your heart and the rest falls into place. Literally.

22. I love travelling alone, my own personal adventure… oh the stories.

23. When I paint I tell my painting “I love you” and all kinds of beautiful things and positive energies. My friend Valerie measured the energy that vibrated off my paintings with her dowsing rods and even from 30ft away they were still waving like crazy… the room just wasn’t big enough to see how powerful the energy was πŸ™‚ yup my paintings are healing.

24. Evolve and Grow. Love and Compassion. Be the best version of me I can be.

25. Avocados mashed up in a cup with milk and sugar. My Lola used to make that for me when I was growing up… its the most genius concoction. YUMMMMMM! I need some avocados.