Over the last three weeks I’ve been obsessively focused on getting this new website complete. I admit I have been the bottleneck with my procrastination and perfectionism, resistance and fear.

Thank goodness my web goddess Lisa Yuan and Graphic designer Anna Arphan have been so patient with me. These two have been able to translate my vision into more than I had imagined.

And of course my ultra trusty assistant Bev Asllanaj, who is so able to go with the flow of my crazy ideas, the stops, starts and sudden turns.

But I knew it was time to birth this baby out into the world. So I wrangled up all my might, the support of my Divine crew and ILI team.

I enlisted my friend and project manager extraordinaire Natalia Sobiewski to kick my ass every single day. We set up specific times when I would work on certain tasks. I would text her when I started and let her know when I was complete and email her my work for feedback and accountability.

I also have been working with business Whipstress Erika Lyremark to help me stay on track, feedback on copy and new programs/services and help own the power of my intuitive magic. She has been nothing but pure heart, raw honesty and a true role model for me.

I can honestly say that I have been in massive amounts of fear. Fear of being seen in a whole new way, fear of what people would think of me, fear of moving into a new business model that will allow for more expansion and to share this powerful work I do with more entrepreneurs, and fear of committing to an elevated vision for myself and I Love Intuition.

As I allow for more of my Soul to guide me, I am also receiving more support to help me make my dreams come true.

Resistance to my purpose showed up over the past several months through wanting to sleep all day, yapping away on the phone with friends, doing laundry during times when I could be replying back to Lisa about website updates she’s made.

I’ve had to bring in self compassion, summon the Spiritual Warrior within to keep me laser focused and connected with fierce faith in order to cut through the fear and anxiety of the creative process. Especially when it’s so close to my heart and soul.

Whenever you’re birthing new ideas, big dreams and the next level of your purpose, bring in the big wings to keep you in alignment.

Stop trying to do it all yourself. Call in your expert friends, web developers, designers and coaches. Together you uphold each others brilliance and bring out magic into the world.

Shine on. Stay tuned for the new I Love Intuition!

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance. Namaste!