a flexible body equals a flexible soul

talking cars talking sexy make me smile

shapeshifting at warpspeeeed vroooooom

arcimboldo’s rhythmical interpretations

pink orb of her papa confirms connection

sleeping toes to be tickled

potatoes by the sea

when the evening light sings

emergence somewhere in between

transmissions between earth and lola and fairies

her sweet dream spot

making me pop

open to receive

with my own two hands

send blessings to the rising sun

It’s late on a Friday night.  Oops now Saturday morning. And life is filled with so much light.   I just felt moved to take a peek into my own perspective, what I capture fleeting moments of visions. inspirations. magic. And here I share some for you.  More to come.  For now, may they spark your own story, imagination and make you smile.


Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!