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I woke up this morning feeling deeply loved by life.

Synchronicities find me, intuition trusts me, miracles embrace me.

And today I melted into it.

I let myself be loved.

Softening into what love does best, walls of deflection I had built with such conviction started to dissolve.

My mind’s eye noted false expectations, bitter melon sadness and painful attachments that kept me from being enraptured by love’s love.

The subtle awareness into patterns, mannerisms and behaviors of not letting myself be loved emerged.  Some sneaky, others like Vegas neon lights.  I noticed the nuance of holding back from fully gushing love to another for fear of rejection, keeping sadness on the hush when my soul is aching for a shoulder to cry on, continuously procrastinating on the actions that would create the greatest impact, and not asking for help when I really need it… just to name a tiny few.

Observing the stripping away of such limitations, my heart cracked open.

Peace blanketed me as I gave myself permission to be cuddled, snuggled and squeezed by love, life, Spirit, family, friends, the Universe.

Letting you be loved is magnetic.

It activates your ability to receive guidance and support from your intuition, your peeps, Source and your purpose.

To truly have your desires come to life, you’ve got to be willing, ready and open to receive it.

And when you don’t let yourself be loved, then you send the message out to the Universe “I don’t need your love, support and guidance.”

And today my dear is the day you stop rejecting love and let you be loved up too!

Now grab your sparkly pen, trusty journal and play with this exercise:

  • What am I holding onto that keeps me from being loved up?
  • What am I willing to let go of in order to let myself be fully loved?
  • How can I let myself be loved even more by my friends, family, life and Spirit?
  • How does my intuition want me to be loved?
  • Then close your eyes and imagine yourself in a love hammock.  This love hammock embraces you in a cocoon of light, joy, peace, support and trust.  See and Feel all of life – your loved ones, your business, your relationships, your health, Angels, Mother Earth, Sun, Sky, Moon, Stars completely extending their love out to you rocking this love hammock and cradling you with loving Oneness.
  • Breath in love and breath out love. Then say out loud “Life always loves me, adores me and supports me.”

Allow yourself to fully receive.  Love is almighty.  Let yourself be loved.

Now share with me in the comments below, what is one thing you are letting go of in order to be loved up fully!

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Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste.