I used to have this grand dream of being the next Salvador Dali, with art showcased all around the world and two museums dedicated solely to my masterpieces.

I’d have my artsy circle gather together weekly to get our hands dirty on a studio floor with empty bottles of wine and trippy music.

New York’s MOMA would have an ongoing exhibit of my work and my prints were always sold out in their store.

So when I started doing gallery shows while at the same time giving readings and healings, I felt like I was in a love affair and had to choose who would get all of me.

Instead, I asked how could I combine my love for art and intuition into the perfect lover?

And this is where I had to let dreams die.  A tear jerker indeed but in order for greatness to emerge, I narrowed my options into one feeling or desire or essence I embodied at all times.

For me that is Freedom.

Yes I am a liberty banger, a Soul rebel and my heart is happy when I can live life my way.  So to fit into the confines of gallery contracts, having tons of canvases, supplies and being locked down to one location in order to produce paintings started to feel misaligned.

Burying my dream of being gallery artist extraordinaire six feet under was the only way to roll.

My days of being the next Dali took on a new light.  I envisioned my creative wings taking flight in new ways, being able to share the energy of creativity as a way to tap into your intuition.  Delivering my passions straight from my laptop in any city across the globe.   I lay to rest one dream in order to bring to life art, healing, intuition and Spirituality all into one big bag of magic.  This felt like freedom.

Know the essence of your desire.

Then align your choices to match that vibrational essence.

Be prepared to let go of big dreams for ones that truly light your fire.  Tweet this.

And trust your inner voice to show you every step of the way.

Ignite Your Intuition is here.  Join me for a 6 week journey of creativity, fierce faith and gutsy guidance.   Save your seat my love, it’s going to be a wild ride.  And yes we’ll completely let go of the old in order for your most authentic, wise and radical self shine through.