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This past Mercury Retrograde truly had an effect on my Spirit to just slow down. As much as I was wanting to move forward with various aspects in my life, it’s almost like my body just halted and needed to turn in a new direction and that arrow pointed inward.

There was this compelling urge to purge from within… I didn’t know exactly where this was coming from but I know as I listen to my heart, it’s always correct! I sat in contemplation, wondering what it is that needs to go in my life, I felt I never really had too much stuff. It’s always been easy for me to get rid of things because I love simplicity yet as I looked through drawers in my studio I realized the chaos that was hiding beneath it all, a reflection of old chaos that I was ready to let go of within my subconscious mind. This old chaos showed up in my life in the form of disorganization and as I looked deeper into myself this disorganization was keeping me chained from truly expressing all my gifts and talents that move through me and slowing down my path towards personal achievement and magnificent success.

And so I dubbed it “Project Purge”. Becoming one with the truth behind all the years of papers, art, files etc in my office was a journey needing to be explored. Going through each drawer one at a time, donating, shredding and recycling. The freedom I felt as I eradicated the years of energy locked into memories of the past was truly liberating and inspiring as I chose to see how far I have come in my own life.

I realized there were places within me that I was still hiding from the world, pieces of me I was afraid of showing and I stuffed them away like I stuffed papers into the back of drawers and file cabinets. I exposed a plethora of art supplies begging to be given life to, recognizing these buried tools as my years of deep seeded fears around unleashing my own creativity into the world. Layer upon layer I allowed myself to let go of the old and step into the new. Bringing shadows of myself into the light, weeding out the old seeds and planting new ones in its place. Honoring the treasures I decided to keep, streamlining my file system by asking the organized people in my life for their guidance and wisdom, reading books on organization and happily labeling things with my new fabulous label maker!

It was a huge project and there are a few areas that still need further love but I literally have emptied every single file cabinet and art supply drawer and organized it and I have to say it feels OH SO HEAVENLY! And the best part is I’ve made the commitment to honor this new energy of organization and embracing it fully into my being. I have made peace with all my old fears, my old self and ready to rock into the last quarter of 2009 🙂

You Too Can Let Go of What No Longer Serves.
As the trees change colors and shed their leaves during Autumn, we too can mirror Mother Earth’s natural way of letting go by shedding all that no longer serves us in our lives.

Take a moment to check around your home. Are you holding onto an article of clothing that you haven’t worn in over a year? Do you have piles of magazines that you say you will get to later? Be honest with yourself when going through material items, when are you really going to have time to get to those magazines or even wear clothing you haven’t touched in over a year. There are plenty of organizations you can donate to and give new life to your old belongings.

Look within. Maybe there’s a relationship in your life that’s draining you? Perhaps you may be holding on to old habits that keep you from moving forward? Many times fears keep us from taking strides in our lives. If you find yourself holding on to a relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a lover in your life because of fear of the unknown, remember that when one door closes, the Universe opens up a brand new one. Make the commitment to rid yourself of an old habit and bring in something new and fresh into your life to keep that door always open in front of you.

Become aware of your thoughts. What thoughts or ways of thinking can you pinpoint that no longer serve you? Do you have a repetitive thought that there is never enough? Are you notorious for being too hard on yourself forgetting to celebrate your wonderful accomplishments in your life? Take a moment to review the thoughts you think and turn them from a negative to a positive! Let go of that old thought and bring a new empowering into your life!

Now’s the time to check in. Be courageously honest. In what ways are these old energies keeping you from living an authentic and brilliant life? Have the willingness to let go. Bring forth trust knowing that when you let go of the old, you free up energy to allow new and exciting opportunities to be invited into your life! As a matter of fact, these opportunities are just waiting for you to let go!!!

Infinite Peace, Love and Blessings!