Sometimes life just sucks.  You’re heading on a road trip and you get a flat tire or your credit card gets charged with a shopping spree that you didn’t take, or you’re bed ridden with a migraine for two days.

Life is life. We have ups and downs all the time and just because something bad happens doesn’t mean you have “attracted” or “manifested” it into your life because you were thinking “negative” thoughts.  You don’t need to “spiritualize” the situation or figure out the why behind it all.

You can just let it be.  It is what it is.

There are times when trying to analyze the why, or what energy created this, or what is the Universe trying to tell me, that it actually keeps you from just moving forward.  The figuring it out of it all keeps you stuck in the story rather than just feeling whatever emotion is coming up for you and moving on.

When sh*tty things happen, sometimes we don’t let ourselves feel sh*tty. Because it’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, or we get angry and don’t know what to do with this anger.

Instead of being present with it, we overanalyze in order to not feel.

Challenges can and do show up to teach you a lesson.  But they also happen just because they happen.  Life is it’s own dynamic energy force that is doing it’s own thing and we’re all moving through it. Some things are in our control, some just aren’t.

If you are meant to learn a lesson, know that it will reveal itself to you.  You don’t have to always go looking for it. Tweet this!

It’s okay to admit that when things suck, they just suck.  Be okay to cry, sulk, or throw a fit.  By letting yourself do so, you give yourself the gift of presence and authenticity.

This is the beauty of being real.  And the beauty of being human.