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Do you ever feel like you’re caught in the middle of who you used to be and who you are becoming?

Or you’re on the path to where you want to be but not quite there yet?

It’s an awkward place to be.

We find ourselves in that space where we can no longer tolerate the old ways of being, outdated patterns, old stories, and choices that don’t represent who we are today. Yet, there’s a cozy familiarity to who we once were.

So parts of us yearn for the old, get caught up in the fantasy of the good ol’ days or keep trying and trying to make something work when it’s time to move on to the new.

Until the new becomes familiar and the familiar becomes cozy and the cozy gets too uncomfortable because we’re ready for the new again.

And the cycle continues. Being in the middle. Feeling awkward. Maybe even more scared than before because holy heavens not this again.

When the future isn’t so clear our minds can get wrapped up in the not knowing.

But in actuality, your Soul has already paved the way with a red carpet even if all you can see is only three feet in front of you.

If you’re stuck in the middle of the old and new and feeling panicky, uncertain, or a sense of urgency to figure it all out, anchor in to the present even more.

You can aid in the release of the old by energetically wrapping it up in a box with a pretty bow and handing it over to your angels.

You can affirm the connection with your Soul by rooting into the body instead of swirling around in your head.

You can open your heart with trust by gently reminding yourself about how far you’ve come and ways you’ve crossed this awkward middle space before.

You can claim your space by choosing to move forward and watching the red carpet continue to roll out in front of you.

You can release the need to have it all figured out by embracing the messy middle.

You can revel in pleasure and joy to reignite and fortify the connection with your intuitive knowing.

You can always give yourself the mental break from not thinking about what’s next, or where to go next, or how to get to where you need to be next and simply be.

Because the middle is where we can feel the spectrum of our sacred desires along with our intense aches and pains expanding us in ways that are yet to be known.