A month ago today I received heartbreaking news from my sister in between sobs that her husband and my brother in law Brent Burley suddenly passed away November 10th, 2009. At a mere 43 years young, family and friends were deeply saddened by the unexpected change. Brent had a persevering attitude, witty, smart and as a lawyer he truly believed in honesty and helping his clients with all of his heart. This transition has caused me to bring forth presence in my relationships with my family, friends and everyone around me. I have experienced many losses in my life and especially several just this past year that remind me of how fragile life truly is. Yet for some reason, the passing of my brother has deepened this intellectual understanding of fragility into a firm reality within my heart and soul.

And so the natural tendency I have when someone transitions into Spirit is reflecting upon the people around me who love me, support me and are just beautiful souls in my life. The difference this time around is that I noticed how nonchalant I am with my relationships, how easy it is for me to just take these miraculous Spirits for granted. I could be quick in getting off the phone with my mom or rushing out the home to run an errand, shouting a goodbye to my husband. There’s this expectation I have of seeing them again, a selfish complacency on my part when in reality life can change instantaneously and we are unsure what tomorrow may bring.

Reflecting on my actions and how I express that to those I love has brought forth an authentic presence in my interactions with people these past few weeks. When I greet someone or hug them when leaving I really feel their embrace, see their smile, notice their eyes and cherish their energy and meaning they have in my life. It feels really magical to be in such heartfelt presence and genuinely appreciate these people I am blessed to have connections with. We intertwine in this tapestry for a reason, sometimes people are mere fleeting moments in time and others are there for a longer part of the journey. However long or short these interactions are, each one is sacred, unique and beautiful and it’s important to treat each other in the light of this truth.

Now is the time to love one another with true presence Christina , especially as we are in this holiday season amongst our family and friends. Bring awareness into your interactions today and everyday. See through loving eyes and cherish every moment with gratitude and blessings, especially to those who may be hard on you, they are the ones that need love the most. Allow yourself to openly express how you feel to your family and friends, letting them know how much you appreciate them, what they mean to you, the lessons you’ve learned from them and the love you have for them. Be naked in your truth, reveal your heart and be one with the presence of Love.

Rest in Peace, Power, and Presence with Spirit Brent. We are dancing in the Light of Love with You.

Have a blessed and magical holiday! I love each and every one of you!