Pinky swear promises are like the ultimate pact between you and your childhood bestie. Once your little digits intertwine with a tight squeeze, a bond takes place, lips are sealed, and the key has been thrown away.  A higher trust has been established and the both of you don’t want to let each other down.

What if we were to do this with our Soul?

I’ve been thinking lately about promises to myself especially since it’s the New Year. And the question I’ve been asking is…

What is my Divine Pinky Swear I’m making with my Soul?

I’ve made too many broken promises with myself.   So I’m taking it to the next level.

Making a Divine Pinky Swear with my Soul means I’m bringing in a higher force to hold me accountable, to make me more honest, and to kick my booty in the way only the Universe can do to set me straight.

It starts with this though.  What promises to yourself do you keep breaking?

Why do you break them?  What’s tempting you to go back to your old ways?

Then be picky with your pinky.  Choose with care those promises that have meaning, stirs your emotions to be greater than good, and anchors you with purposeful action.

Lock pinkies with your Soul and claim one Divine Pinky Swear that you know without a doubt you will keep today.

And that’s it.  One Divine Pinky Swear that will elevate your purpose each day.  Then watch the miracles unfold.

Wishing you the most Happiest New Year lovely!

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