I have this thing for making the everyday fun and playful.  I especially like to do this with objects in our home and how we engage and make playfulness available in our lives.  It’s pretty easy to look over the little details that can make things a little more fun and playful.

The more beauty and love we add consciously into our environment, we magnetize love even more.
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Plus it adds pizzazz into what we can seem as mundane and just the “everyday.”

This infusion of love also raises your vibration, lifts your spirits, and cultivates gratitude.  All necessary components to heart centered living and trusting your intuition.

Here’s my photo journal into some various things I do to make my daily life beautiful, playful, and magical.

I love it when I’m at an asian restaurant and my rice comes out in a perfect round mound.  So I do it at home too.


wine green juice
Sippin’ my veggie juice in a wine glass.


palo santo sticks
Clearing the home energy with palo santo sticks.


heart meditation
Love infused Goddess meditation cushion, heart pillow, and heart rug.  I also like to paint while standing on that heart rug.

colorful pens journal
Have lots of colorful pens handy to take notes, journal, or brainstorm with.

Fantasy living with my unicorn salt and pepper shakers.

A salt lamp, crystals, and mini altar on my art desk.


bee spatula
Cooking with my bumblebee spatula gifted by my dear friend Michael.


Painting outdoors with my man.


picnic snacks
We also love picnics.  Blankets are always in the trunk just in case we want to spontaneously grab lunch and take it to the the park.


Charging up my crystals under the full moonlight.



ganesha jesus
Ganesha and Jesus protecting from the window.  These two are buddies in my world.


zen garden
Bringing in mindfulness with a mini zen garden.


Be a tree hugger when you go for a walk. Connect with the energy of trees.  They offer wisdom and strength.

Send me your photos on Instagram of playfulness too and tag #iloveintuition so we can elevate love daily.