Being busy.  We’ve been trained to find comfort in it.  The more you fill up your time, the more gets created, the faster you move forward, the more successful you become.  And when you have the time to just be, antsy feelings kick in and off to the next thing to fill up the space.

When we inundate ourselves with doing too much, we don’t make room for our intuition to guide us.  Our sight is set on what we’re trying to achieve or want to see that we ignore seeing the truth.  We let busyness take our hand to guide us, failing to hear when our intuition is leading us towards a better path.

Strengthening your intuition starts with making your intuition priority.

Saying you want to trust your intuition but not give her room to show up is like inviting your BFF to an intimate, ten course dinner party with a private chef at your home, and then letting her know last minute not to come because you ran out of room at the dinner table.

Womp! Womp!

And you don’t want to be THAT friend.

If you’ve been giving your intuition the back seat, then it’s time to bring her front and center.

Try these on for size…

Sitting in sacred silence and meditation in the morning to connect with your inner world.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson says,  “Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.”  In the mornings, I enjoy sitting at the kitchen table in the sunlight, eating my breakfast mindfully and in silence.  Along with meditation, these two things help to attune to my intuition before my day begins.

Scheduling in gaps of time where you don’t make any plans, but follow your intuition.  Sundays are my days for this.  I like to do whatever I feel intuitively guided to do that day and really try to not making any plans.  I love sleeping in when it feels right or rising early when the energy in my body gets me up.

Dialogue with your Soul, asking for her needs, desires, what it wants to experience today.  Listen intently.  Be curious.  Ask questions.

Take your time back from being busy to creating intentionally.  Review your commitments and check in to see if they align or you’re just doing them out of obligation.

Drive without music.  Rather than filling it up with music or talk radio listening to everyone else blare messages into your head (oh and I love driving and singing so it’s definitely not a bad thing), at least once a week turn it all off.  Make your car an intuitive spaceship.

Write to liberate your Soul.  Give your thoughts some wings and journal freely, with no agenda, everything that’s on your mind.

Creating the space for your intuition allows her to show up and shine.  How can you make room to hear your inner voice?  What ways can you begin letting your intuition guide you each day?

Make room to receive.