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We are in a time that we all haven’t experienced before. Fear is the energy that’s running rampant through us as a collective and understandably so.

The past two days, I’ve found myself in a negative loop and hooked right into the fear of this pandemic.

Not that there isn’t anything to fear because there is a lot to fear.

Fear of catching the virus.
Fear of our loved ones catching the virus.
Fear for the health of those who have the virus.
Fear of the unknown and how long this will last.
Fear for the health of all the essential workers in healthcare, logistics, grocery stores, janitors, government workers and anyone who doesn’t have the privilege to stay at home.
Fears that we may not even be consciously aware of.

It is imperative that we must manage this. Not bypass, but to acknowledge, feel, see, let it move through, and eventually release.

For some of us, we may be able to shake this fear energy fairly quickly or your own personal triggers or traumas may make it a bit more difficult to let it go.

Wherever you are, that is where you are and it’s ok.

Be present to what is, without judgment or shame. Do know that you have the power within you to manage your fears and feel a sense of peace amidst all the upheaval.

Here are some practices and resources to support you:

  1. Meditate. Check out the replay to our Soul Circle we had this past Monday. I led a guided meditation that was very much needed for all of us. 

    I also have this Healing Light Guided Meditation to help you too. Friends and our ILI community have been using it during their chemotherapy treatments, to help them sleep, ease their anxiety, clear their fears and stresses, and more. I’m getting lots of emails and texts about this meditation so please try it out for yourself and share it with others. I appreciate your help in getting it out there. 

  2. Movement. Shake your body, dance, stretch, walk, run, do something to move the fear energy out of you. Start your movement by noticing where the fear is residing in your body and as you move, let it melt with each movement by releasing it through your feet, your hands, and draining it out of you.

  3. Self-compassion and love. Give yourself an enormous amount of love as if you were a small child who woke up from a nightmare. Be gentle, kind, present, speak softly and calmly to yourself with loving words.

    Refrain from being hard on yourself during this time. It’s overwhelming for all of us, and the more you can nurture yourself, the better. 

  4. Listen to healing music or affirmations. Here are some of my favorite things I listen to when I need to really shower myself with a ton of soulful, uplifting words and music.

    Louise Hay 101 Power Thoughts – I’ve had her CD (yes CD) for over ten years and it’s one that I like to put on repeat. When my brain is stuck in a negative or fear loop, this helps to keep my mind focused on what matters.

    Meditative Mind – They have a whole bunch of healing music on their YouTube channel using the different types of Hertz and frequencies to help you relax, sleep, clear negativity, release fear, promote positivity and more. You can also purchase them directly on their website at

    Geminelle Mantra Loops Vol 1 – This album gives me life! Her voice, the affirmations, the music, it’s everything. You can find it on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and more.

    Beautiful Chorus – Their music is helping me stay grounded and at peace. They have several albums that are all so wonderful to listen to. I especially love Hymns of Spirit and Mantras in Love. You can find them on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and more.

    Faith Rivera – A Filipina powerhouse and light bearer. This particular performance she did of Peter Mayer’s “Holy Now” at Agape always brings tears to my eyes. Her albums are so healing. You can find her on Apple Music, Spotify and more.

  5. Mindful and Intentional actions. We’re being told over and over again to wash our hands, disinfect and sanitize everything which can create more fear within us about doing everything correctly. 

    While we want to practice all the necessary things in order to mitigate the spread we can choose to approach our actions with love, care, and joy rather than fear. This requires presence and noticing where our mind and thoughts are being focused in the moment.

  6. Naming your fears. Sometimes the simple act of vocally expressing your fears helps to see it for what it is and therefore releasing it. Naming your fear is acknowledging its presence and giving yourself a little bit of space between you and your fear. 

    With this space, you can then choose how you want to respond, ask yourself what you most need, and where you want to bring your focus and attention to.

  7. Amplify joy, pleasure, and peace. Now is the time more than ever to really amplify and magnify the good. Noticing and breathing all the ways that you’re experiencing joy, pleasure, and peace in your life.

    We’ve been taking daily walks here especially since we’re right around the corner from the desert heat coming on full force.On our walks, I love feeling my body move, taking in full breaths, noticing the smells of the flowers blooming, and even reveling in the joy of homes in our neighborhood with new landscaping or someone put up an entire yard of Easter decorations. 

    I’m keeping my eyes, ears, and heart peeled on joyful things. When you notice this joy, or pleasure, or peace light up within you, give presence to it and let it radiate it throughout your entire body and being. Truly embody and embrace it.

  8. How may I serve? Sometimes when we’re stuck in our head, the best thing we can do is to ask ourselves “How may I serve?” This puts the focus not on us but in our ability to be helpful, to connect and care for others, and to share our gifts, light, and smiles with another.

  9. Prayer. My prayer partner and I are doubling down on our prayers at this time. We’re holding space for all of you during our prayer time. To learn more about creating your own prayer partnership, I wrote about it here: The Power of Prayer: My 90-Day (and beyond) Prayer Partner Experience.

    I also really enjoyed one my favorite Spiritual teacher’s Michael Beckwith’s service this past Sunday. You can catch the replay here. I watched the 11:30am service. 

    His words, prayers and the music are always so helpful for me. But wow, this past Sunday service was the medicine I needed for sure.
  10. Letting the tears flow. I saw this video of Hoda Kotb on the Today Show breaking open in tears while live on the news. I felt the weight she was carrying in her release. When the emotions become too much and you feel the tears come, let them fall down your face. Give yourself the gift of your body doing what it knows best to heal.

We are processing a global pandemic that is new to all of us. Please take exquisite care of yourselves during this time.

Do what you need to do and don’t judge yourself for the steps you need to take to make sure you’re keeping your psychic, mental, emotional, and physical hygiene strong.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or prayer requests.

Please leave a comment below of your personal practices. We can all use the ideas, love, and support.

If you know of anyone that could use some support, feel free to share this with them or post this on social media as well.

May you be well, safe, and strong!

Big hugs and love,