Trust Your Intuition:
3 Keys to Confidently Receive Divine Guidance for a Soul Aligned Life and Business

Date & time :


AUGUST 28, 2021

9:00  AM Pacific Time 

11:00 AM Central Time

12:00 PM Eastern Time


You missed out!

What you’ll discover in this Masterclass:

  • What it really takes to tune into your inner voice and tune out all the other noise. Applying these elements is important before you can start using your intuition.
  • Why strengthening your intuition is essential to create a Soul-aligned life and business.
  • How a trip down memory lane will turn the volume up on your inner voice. 
  • The most fundamental step to amplify your intuition that rarely gets talked about as the doorway to your Soul's wisdom.
  • Get wise to the sneakiest ways your intuition gets hijacked and how that blocks you from accessing Divine guidance.
  • Plus live Q&A time with me so you can be fully supported on your Soul's journey!

Attending live is always best since I have fun surprises for you!
However, in case you can't make it live, you will receive a limited time replay but you must register to receive it. 

This is a perfect for you if... 

You Don't Know Where To Start.

You'll walk away from this class with a clear understanding of what you need to do to start trusting your intuition.

You're Highly Sensitive Or an Empath.

Sensitive people are very intuitive yet often times all that energy can be overwhelming and cause you to shut down your intuition. 

You Constantly Second Guess Yourself

You no longer want to doubt your inner voice or go against what you already know is true only to realize later you were right. 

You want more peace of mind.

We're in a rapidly changing world  and life is filled with ups and downs. You want to receive Divine guidance through times of upheaval, overwhelm, or confusion.

You feel stuck in your life or business

You desire to create a life that expresses your purpose or take things to the next level but feeling unsure about your next steps and how to realize your vision. 

Living aligned with your Soul and Spirit is important for you

It's important for you to honor your Soul and design a life that is a sacred reflection of your values, vision, and full of abundance, connection, and love. 

Hello, I'm Christina Ambubuyog!

Fun fact: Ambubuyog means "bumblebee" in Tagalog.

Welcome to I Love Intuition! I'm a first-generation Filipina-American and proudly Pinay, a rebel soul, explorer, and down to earth Taurus who loves luxurious spa days.

The mystic magic I bring is this...

I'm an intuitive consultant, psychic, energy healer, spiritual teacher, artist and creator of I Love Intuition. In essence, I help you strengthen your intuition and reveal your Soul's purpose so you can express it fully, boldly, and from a place of deep + collective service to the world.

For the past 17 years, I've given thousands of intuitive readings, energy healings, and intuitive coaching to a wide range of spiritual seekers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders. I teach meditation, expressive arts, and intuition development workshops, online programs, and retreats. I've also worked with organizations such as United Way, Vistage International, Neiman Marcus, and as a TEDx speaker. 

Currently, Phoenix, Arizona is my home base where my husband and I love hiking through the desert, traveling incessantly, chasing sunsets, and living a deliciously peaceful life.

Ready to begin trusting your intuition? 

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the masterclass to help you confidently connect with your Soul's wisdom and Divine guidance!

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