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Are you ready to radiate your brilliance, evolve spiritually, and transform lives?

Do you feel called to elevate your purpose and serve the world?

Welcome to

A professional intuitive training and energy healing certification program

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Program Overview 

This is a 6-month online group training program designed for purpose-driven women and men who want to elevate their intuitive skills to a professional level, unlock their full potential, and help others create positive transformation in their lives too.

You’ll learn how to expand your own consciousness, give professional intuitive readings and energy healings, and support those you serve with clarity, compassion, and empowerment in all areas of their life.  

Your training provides fundamental practices to enrich your Spirituality, radical self-love, living your core desires, and being a catalyst for lasting world change.

The course is split into 6 learning modules, each focusing on a specific area of intuition, energy healing, and spiritual mastery.

You’ll also receive live support from me through energetic clearing, mentorship, coaching, and guidance that is customized to your specific needs.

We begin the first half of our training with a focus on Activating Alignment.  This is about exploring the depths of your shadows and illuminating the hidden realms that unlock your greatness.  You’ll explore vulnerability, emotions, and breakthrough limitations.

This is all about cultivating the proper foundation so that you can, first and foremost, be grounded in your own presence in order to radiate and support others in their own transformation.

The second half focuses on stepping into your own Intuitive and Spiritual Leadership.  This exciting hands on experience gives you the practical skills to conduct professional intuitive readings and energy healings, gain support and feedback, and hold sacred space for others.

You will experience receiving energy healings and readings from your peers to learn various styles of communication, ethical conduct, and professional facilitation.  You will also learn how to integrate this knowledge into your own practice, at home, or with your current profession.

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 Intuition Mastery is FOR You if…✦

  • You’re not quite sure why you’re here or you may not know exactly how you would use this knowledge, skill, and training but you feel a strong pull to do this.  (Many people I have worked with have felt this way before, so don’t think you’re crazy! You’re in the right place!)
  • Friends and family have always turned to you for advice or guidance
  • You want to tap into your deepest potential, strengthen your Spiritual connection, embody your purpose and flow with the Universe
  • You are naturally drawn to one or more of these areas – the metaphysical, creative expression, positive living, personal development, holistic wellness, nature, animals, or energy healing
  • You’re ready to shed layers of accumulated stress, struggle, and limiting beliefs in your life and for others too
  • You would like to add this to your repertoire of skills and training to take your own life, career or business to the next level.  For example, you may be a life coach or therapist and would like to know how to intuitively support your clients, or you’re a teacher who wants to create sacred space for your students, or a stay at home mom who wants to guide your children to fulfill their purpose and perhaps take on a few clients in your spare time

By the end of your training, here’s what you’ll receive ✦

  • Knowledge on how to accurately and reliably give professional intuitive readings for clients to support them in receiving clarity and direction
  • Practice giving professional energy healings for clients, helping to clear their chakras, auras and release them from sabotaging energy patterns
  • Fluency in the languages of intuition, including how to translate what you receive in a reading
  • The skill of mastering presence, trust, and empowerment as an Intuitive and Spiritual Leader
  • A deepened ability to feel your own emotions, vulnerability, and open your heart
  • The tools to create your own spiritual practice that aligns with your lifestyle, vision, and purpose
  • Transformation of roadblocks and challenges into purposeful outcomes and opportunities that empower your clients and yourself
  • A powerful spiritual alliance with your Divine Team of Angels and Spirit Guides to assist you daily
  • Training on how to infuse your intuitive skills with your current professional career.  Using your intuition doesn’t need to come in the form of “being a psychic or giving psychic readings” in order to help others.  You can use energy healing and your intuition whether you’re an interior designer, financial planner, therapist, or school teacher. (Just to name a few!)
  • And so much more!


Program Details and Logistics 

  • A 6-month experience from Monday October 27, 2014 through Friday May 1, 2015
  • Virtual Graduation Ceremony is Thursday May 7, 2015
  • 2 live group conference calls per month for a total of 12 group sessions.  These training calls can range anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.  All calls will be on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 5pm PST.  View the Program Calendar. Become certified from anywhere in the world
  • Each call will include live training, energy healings, breakout sessions for practice readings, and live Q&A
  • Student reading practice times will be announced and created according to the group schedule
  • Conduct 20 hours of practice intuitive readings/ energy healings outside of class.  Clients can be provided or you may find your own
  • Comprehensive self-study training lessons provided in a private, members only, online learning site.  Training materials will be a combination of audio, video, and pdf’s
  • Private forum for connecting with each other, asking questions, and sharing progress
  • Ongoing email access and support from me
  • Upon full completion of the program, including all practice readings submitted, you will be eligible to be listed in the practitioner directory on the I Love Intuition Website



Program Curriculum 

There is a new lesson theme each month.  Within each of these trainings, you’ll receive various resources, exercises, and practice modules to support your intuitive development.

  Focus 1: Upholding Integrity, Ethics and Responsibility

Learning to utilize your intuition for divine guidance and seeing the Soul of others is a beautiful form of sacred service.  You’ll learn how to develop the full integrity needed as a practitioner and create a safe environment to access your intuition in order to serve at the highest level of healing and transformation.

This portion of our journey will have discussions on:

  • Clarifying your vision, mission, and purpose
  • Understanding the elements of transformation, growth, and healing
  • How to stay empowered as you undergo your own Spiritual shifts in your life, especially when family and friends don’t know how to deal with your positive changes
  • Keeping the ego in check
  • Laying a solid foundation for intuition development
  • Defining your own code of ethics and personal/professional integrity
  • Raising your vibration consciously and responsibly

Focus 2: Mindset and Mindfulness

Having a strong and positive mindset and navigating the emotional territory of being an intuitive is an important part of your Spiritual Mastery.  You’ll heal energetic limitations, create breakthroughs, and deprogram current and past life beliefs that no longer serve you.  Understand what and why you’re learning, how your intuition affects all areas of your life, and how to manage the sensitivities of being psychic.

We will cover topics on:

  • Healing limitations, deprogramming cultural, family, and societal beliefs, clearing current and past life contracts
  • Understanding your intuitive development process
  • Beginning to intuitively read your own energy
  • How to access your subconscious mind to elevate your purpose
  • Using affirmations to create powerful life changes
  • How energy and action combined creates unstoppable results
  • Mindfulness practices to strengthen your presence as a practitioner

Focus 3: Spiritual Anatomy and Psychic Tools

Learn how to access your own chakras, the layers of the aura, self-healing techniques that can be used on both yourself and others.  You’ll also learn how to set up your body and energy to give readings and receive accurate intuitive guidance.  Discover how the ego plays a key role in your development, how to get out of your own way, and being able to psychically “see” the truth of any situation at all times.  You’ll practice how to ask powerful questions in order to receive the best intuitive guidance and communication guidelines when working with others.

Immerse your Soul with teachings on:

  • Healing and balancing your seven chakras, feet chakras, ear chakras, and hand chakras
  • Accessing, clearing, and strengthening the multiple layers of your aura
  • Self-healing energy techniques for your physical body and energy body
  • Strengthening your mental, physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries
  • Meeting your Spirit Guides and Angels and how to communicate and co-create with them
  • Intuitive Reading Protocols and Guidelines before, during, and after a reading
  • Analyzing verses seeing the truth
  • Asking the right questions to receive the best intuitive guidance

Focus 4:  Conducting Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings

Learn the fundamentals of how to begin reading others, how to structure a reading that supports your client’s intentions, and how to communicate information, even if it’s “bad”, to your clients in a way that is empowering and gives them the tools to change.

Learn the difference between telling someone what to do versus giving them the choice to make an authentic decision based on the intuitive guidance they receive.  You’ll gain experience in discerning the various symbols that appear during readings and the proper way to relay information rather than analyzing it for a client.  During this time, you’ll be conducting live readings and energy healings, developing your trust and certainty in the process.

Trainings and practice on:

  • How to structure a reading
  • Keeping yourself grounded, present, and non-judgmental when giving a reading
  • Reading and clearing the aura
  • Reading and clearing the chakras
  • Working with your Divine Team of Guides and Angles to support you during sessions
  • Cultivating your library of psychic symbols
  • Building trust in your psychic abilities
  • Exploring how you communicate and effective ways to deliver intuitive guidance
  • Conduct practice readings

Focus 5: Accessing Various Intuitive Information

In this lesson, you’ll continue to sharpen your skills by putting various tools together.  You’ll be combining the four different languages of intuition and discern how you’re receiving messages from each area.

You will be given different scenarios and issues that can be practiced with clients from how to locate and clear energetic blocks to answering their most pressing questions during a reading.  You’ll be able to navigate a client’s energy field and Soul to find additional information.  And most importantly, you’ll learn how to transform challenges into opportunities and confidently lead a client through deep emotional healing without draining your own energy.

Engage your learning with practice on:

  • Clearing energetic blocks within the chakras, aura, and body
  • Deprogramming patterns and beliefs
  • Past Life Readings and healings
  • Life Path Readings and helping a client determine the next steps
  • Exploring the variety of questions, concerns, and challenges that come up during a reading and how to handle sticky situations
  • Creating sacred space for client’s transformation
  • Energetic space clearing for homes, offices, and any environment
  • Conduct practice readings

Focus 6: Embodying Spiritual Mastery and Leadership

This final month is all about embracing your own style, gaining confidence, and truly walking your talk.  You’ll learn how to effectively conduct various types of readings and energy healings, managing your time, and trust in how a session unfolds.

You’ll also learn how to infuse your new skills in your current practice and profession so that it matches your style and intention for how you want to support others in the world.  This will also be a time when you’ll get clear on your own next steps and what your Soul is calling you to create as you move forward.

Finish your training with leadership on:

  • Facilitating meditations, creating your own affirmations, and receiving intuitive action steps
  • Trusting the guidance you receive and going with the flow of a session
  • Creating sacred altars and infusing spaces with high vibrational energy and intention, whether you’re conducting a workshop or just for your home
  • Navigating a client’s Soul and how to dig deeper for more answers
  • Staying present in the midst of challenging clients or with whatever arises in each moment during a reading or energy healing
  • Dealing with predictions and the free will of a client
  • Utilizing your psychic abilities to complement your career or other holistic modalities


Christina Ambubuyog moxie mastery me1

I have designed this program to give you a comprehensive and structured approach to conducting intuitive readings and energy healings in an ethical and highly professional manner.

You will grow Spiritually, emotionally, and physically (yes people will literally compliment how much you glow!)

Intuition Mastery is a transformational and healing experience.  I’ll be here to guide, support, and help you create both the inner and outer shifts necessary as you open up your abilities to serve others.

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to accurately offer professional level intuitive readings to paying clients, becoming a Certified Intuitive Practitioner and Energy Healer.  Having this knowledge and extensive training can launch you into your own successful career or integrate it into your existing practice.

Using your intuition is a wonderful compliment to any existing modality or profession, whether you’re a life coach, therapist, reiki healer, yogi, financial advisor, teacher, lawyer, or designer.  Yes, you can use your intuitive abilities in so many ways!


Application, Registration, Investment ✦

  • Your monetary investment for this training course is $1200.
    You also have the option of 3 payments of $410, 6 payments of $210, and 7 payments of $185.
  • This is an intimate adventure with limited spots available so I can focus all my energy in supporting each one of you.  Priority will be given to those who show the most commitment and passion to be of service in this world
  • Please fill out the application.  Once I have reviewed your application, you will hear directly from me to set up an interview and connection together
  • Even if you’re unsure or have questions about the program, go ahead and fill out the application so we can set up a time to talk as well.  I’d love to answer any questions you have to ensure that the program is the best fit for you
  • Please note that all deposits and payments are non-refundable.  By committing to this journey you are saying YES to your purpose, life, and dedication to being an Intuitive and Spiritual Leader!
  • Attendance is required for all twelve classes, especially the practice calls where you will be conducting intuitive readings.  Any missed classes will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis

I’m so excited to partner with you!  As we experience more conscious awakening on this planet, there is a greater calling for Spiritual Leaders to shine their light.

If this is you, I would love to meet you.

Your application will be reviewed and you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

Love and Blessings,