Last nite i went to a meditation held at the Barbara Greenspun Women’s Care Center. It was a great group of people and we did various breathing techniques to activate and release energies at the cellular level. Its nice how people come together and being able to see things clairvoyantly, I was able to understand the connections between all of us and see the matches and why we all have come to the space together. It was a good feeling and Goldie, the facilitator for the meditation that evening is a wonderful Spirit! She’s gifted in her clairaudience which is fabulous and it was nice to hear her insights about everyone in the room.

I pulled a power animal from the deck and i got a butterfly. which is very spot on considering the breaking free from my cacoon ive been in lately 🙂 thanks to the butterfly card, it was very helpful

I also met another one of my guardian angels yesterday, she had gifts for me which were very helpful indeed. And I also had a sharper vision of the next paintings I will be doing. I have been marinating on the ideas lately but now they really came into 3D imaging in my head and so I feel i’ve gotten the permission from the heavens to begin the creation.
Stay tuned! I’ve been working hard on my website the past 3 days. Its almost up and running, ive got a tiny bug i need to fix and voila…. the long awaited website will be in action 🙂

Peace and One!