Online Intuitive Guided Meditation Circle

Every Monday in May
see details below + yes there will replays

This meditation circle is for you to release and renew. 

As we all know, the world is experiencing an enormous amount of stress, fear, and uncertainty with this global pandemic.

With so much upheaval, now more than ever, we need to ground in our faith, our resilience, and our community to move through this.

For close to 20 years, I've had a daily meditation practice. It has been THE KEY to navigating life's biggest challenges, accessing my intuitive guidance even when there's turmoil around me, and keeping my heart open even when I'm in fear.

Last month I held a group meditation and have been receiving requests to do it again. For the month of May, I'll be having these meditation circles every Monday.

This is for you, me, and all of us to connect with each other as I lead you through a guided meditation and group energy healing.

Especially for those ready to...

Tap into your body's innate healing. Meditation has been proven to boost your immune system, lower stress, reduce anxiety, manage depression, and many more.

Strengthen the connection with your Soul and Spirit to increase faith, trust, and intuitive knowing. Awaken your intuition and tap into Divine guidance and wisdom.

Clear out the collective energy bombarding you through the media, external fears, people's thoughts and energy vampires that cause stress and overwhelm. 

Enhance your sense of safety, inner strength, and sovereignty to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace. 

Become more grounded and centered in your truth and brilliance so you can show up fully for yourself and others. 

Activate more creativity, generate inspired ideas, and step into your purpose through aligned action. 

Release past beliefs, thoughts, and ways of being that keeps you stuck in a rut, doubting yourself or not knowing which direction to go next. 

Be in a sacred space where you can welcome your emotions, be seen, and show up as your messy and magnificent self.

Here are the details to sign up:

All four Mondays in May
May 4, 11, 18, 25
5:00pm PT, 7:00pm CT, 8:00pm ET

The price: A suggested donation of $10 - $20 for each meditation circle.
Click here to provide your donation.

Or send your donation through Venmo @Christina-Ambubuyog-1

I have decided to offer these circles using a Pay From the Heart model (thank you, Mark Silver).

Check in with your heart to see what payment feels good to you. 

If you are in a financial situation where things are tight, you've lost your job, or worried about paying next month's bills, you are more than welcome to choose an amount lower than the minimum or join us for free. I'm serious.

This is available to everyone whether you choose to donate or not. I welcome you with open arms.

If you are a healthcare worker, please join us for free.

How it works:
You may make your donation at any time, whether that's today or the day of our circle.

I will be hosting this on Zoom. Due to recent hacking issues, you will have to enter in your name and email address to register and receive the log in info. There will be access available both online or you can dial in with your phone.

Once you're signed up, you'll receive a reminder for the Monday meditations in May and a replay in case you can't make it. 

I highly encourage you to join us every Monday if you can. You'll see the cumulative benefit week after week and I'm excited to help you release, renew, and come home to YOU!


Guided meditation is a great experience and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone other than Christina!

Linda E. 

I listened to your Healing Meditation before falling asleep the past few nights and have slept through the night for the first time in a while! My husband has always had insomnia and last night was his very first time meditating and he also said he couldn't believe he was able to fall asleep so quickly AND stay asleep!!! So thankful to you - sleep means everything to us these days!


Christina is great at what she does, I felt so comfortable and relaxed being there. 

DeAndre G. 

Meet Christina Ambubuyog

Fun fact: Ambubuyog means "bumblebee" in Tagalog.

Christina Ambubuyog is an intuitive consultant, psychic, energy healer, spiritual teacher, artist and creator of I Love Intuition. Those are all fancy ways of saying that I'm an expert at helping you unleash your Soul's purpose and express it fully, boldly, and from a place of deep service to the world. 

For the past 16 years, I've given thousands of intuitive readings, energy healings, and intuitive coaching to a wide range of spiritual seekers, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders. I teach meditation, expressive arts, and intuitive development workshops, online programs, and retreats. I've also worked with organizations such as United Way, Vistage International, Neiman Marcus, and as a TEDx speaker. 

Currently, Phoenix, Arizona is my home base where my husband and I love hiking through the desert, traveling incessantly, chasing sunsets, and living a deliciously peaceful life.

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