Oh Mercury Retrograde, I openly welcome you!  There’s this funny expectation about MR being this crazy time of all kinds of technology breaking down, drama happening and things falling apart.  Which can happen yes, but by being aware of the cycle and listening to your intuition, emotions and what your body needs, you can move through it fairly gracefully.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

All the planets in our solar system represent specific energetic and archetypal qualities that affect us.  Because we are all energy, these planets are just as alive and moving as we are.  About every 3 – 4 months, the planet Mercury slows down it’s orbit and begins to appear like it’s moving backwards in the sky, thus affecting us energetically here on Earth.

The qualities of Mercury have to do with communication and the mind.  And when MR is happening, the energies slow down and it’s a time for the Earth to rest and take a break.   Because we are connected, it’s truly a time for us to do the same.  Yet we live in modern day times where it’s all about moving forward, doing, taking action and the rat race of daily life.  When we go against the natural rhythm of what’s happening on a planetary level, this is when break downs, technology failing, appointments missed and life not really flowing smoothly start to happen.

What’s beautiful about MR is that when you can move in harmony with these energies, create space, go inside and be reflective it offers such a opportune time to really connect in with your Soul and intuition.

I made this video today, which was actually not even planned.  For the past several days I was feeling the Mercury Retrograde energies setting up and emotions rising up in my system.  Tuesday I had an emotional smack down and spent much of the day feeling the depths of what was being revealed for wisdom and healing.

After praying and having a conversation with the Angels, I thought I’d pull some cards to receive further insights on the energy of this MR.  Once I had the cards in my hand, my intuition was basically commanding me to make a video.  So of course, I can’t ignore my trusty BFF!

Please share this video with your friends and community too!  There’s wonderful insights on how to stay connected to yourself during this time.

On the last day of MR, July 20, I’ll be in Lake Tahoe teaching the Art of Trust retreat.  It’s such the perfect time to come together, really go within and tap into our Divinity and purpose!  Join us and get the details here: ArtofTrust.com

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste.
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