So far this month of June has been quite transformational for me. I’ve been doing a lot of releasing both in my physical space as well as spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

If you have also been going through this similar “shedding” process, know that you are not alone. The planetary consciousness is shifting, expanding and growing and so are you.   So many people I have been working with have been going through this same situation and it’s quite magical to see my clients move with grace as they embody their own personal power and listen deeply to the sweet nudging of their intuition.

To fully let go of places that were a part of you for so many years can lead one to feel as if you are in limbo. You may be trying to grab onto a sense of security, or comfort of what was there but no longer is. Searching for the lifeboat when in actuality you are already floating.

There is a silent space of expansion in this momentary shift from a sense of thinking you were safe in an energy that didn’t serve your highest good to releasing that energy and now finding yourself open.  It is in this openness where you can allow a deeper awakening to occur that brings forth who it is you truly are without these false layers of comfort.

I know this feeling all too well as I am currently experiencing a great awakening and expansion in my own life. Knowing that many of you are going through this, have gone through this or are aligning to this new energy very soon, it’s important for me to give you some really powerful tools I have been practicing these past several weeks that will allow you to move with gracefulness and beauty.

Graceful Tool #1 – Taking the Action of Inaction
At times being in a state of inaction, sitting with and being with what is can give you the space to begin to embrace the new emergence that is happening within you. This past week I have been sitting with (now that doesn’t mean laying in bed all day for a week and not doing anything) but what I have been doing is welcoming with love this lightness in my body, mind and spirit.

Without all that old baggage you now can get comfortable with absorbing a new sense of freedom, growth and possibility. Having a certainty that all is perfectly unfolding and to receive that with effortlessness on your part. The minute you try to force something to happen you disempower your intuitive guidance to lead you to where it is you are meant to be.

Graceful Tool #2 – Anchor Into The New
Let your imagine take you to this new place of wonder and revel in all the feelings, emotions and magnificence that is here for you. Remember, “shedding” of the old skin is making room for the you that truly shines! So who is it that is emerging, or who is this person you have been striving to become? What characteristics and qualities do you embody, now that you are no longer carrying this weight of the old with you?

See and feel yourself expressing all of these positive and unique qualities about you and how that propels you faster towards your dreams. Anchor into this new energy, space and way of being. Love it, Live it and Be it!

Graceful Tool #3 – Share Your Journey
Connecting with others and sharing your journey helps to move that energy through you faster, rather than holding it all in for you to process on your own. Speaking about it with your trusted circle of support is key in revealing deeper insights and gaining new perspectives. I have my hubby, my BFF’s, two of my own amazing coaches who have been guiding and supporting me through my own growth process, as well as receiving a lot of healing work from really powerful healers utilizing the lifeline technique, reiki and crystal vibrational healing.

One of my favorite clients said to me last week “Wow! You have coaches too?” Of course I do! I believe in the power of partnering with someone who can keep me in alignment with my authentic self and create from a space of service and love. Remember, you can’t do it all alone! We weren’t meant to be born into this earth to be alone. We are absolutely meant to share in community and support each other on life’s fantastic voyage!

No matter what it is you are letting go of, use these tools to help you move at the pace of grace as you embark into new chapters of your life. If you are ready for that extra support, know that I am here to cheer you on every step of the way! Your Life of Brilliance is knocking at your door! Contact me to discuss how partnering through one on one coaching can move you with brilliant grace and intuitive knowing.