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My first solo show was a blast!!! A ton of people showed up and I was so happy for all the people who came through to support! With the wonderful bands that performed there was an added liveliness to the event and I’m so happy for the great funky music they brought to the space. We had yummy hors d’oeuvres, wine, love and laughter throughout the night. I made great connections that evening and a special thank you to Lissette Napoleoni and Peter Valentino, owners of Neon Venus Art Theatre. I am so grateful for their invitation to have me for their one woman show and also thank you to Loretta Reinick for her great eye in setting up the event as gallery coordinator.

This is happy me in front of a few paintings 🙂

One of the bands that played for the evening

Tricia, AJ, Dave and I enjoying some fresh air after the show

Music and art is the perfect combo… oh and some wine!

Neon Venus Art Theatre!

I was quite happy with the layout

These guys were amazing!!!

All the lovely people 🙂 Thank you for all your support!