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Sound is a powerful healing force that really affects our energy.  Music plays such an important role in our ability to stay connected with our Soul, help us grow, and uplift our Spirits.

I get asked often what kinds of music I like to meditate to or use in my classes or energy healing sessions.  I’m not a big fan of meditating with music, but I tend to use it during my live classes since it helps put people in a calm state.  But I definitely want to share with you a list of my go to artists that help soothe my Soul.

These aren’t in any particular order since they all have a positive impact on me and serve a unique purpose for different moments.  I let my body, mind, and Soul guide me to who to listen to.

1.  Steve Halpern.  Everything he does is magical!  I’ve been listening to him for years and his tracks are what I’ll usually use for my live meditation classes.  My favorite album of his is Chakra Suite and I like to play this especially when I’m doing an in person chakra healing session.

2.  Louise Hay – 101 Power Thoughts.  Okay so I know Louise Hay isn’t a musician BUT I could not keep it off the list since I use is to help me stay centered and aligned with Spirit.  Louise Hay has created a beautiful CD of empowering affirmations along with gentle music in the background.  I like listening to this when I’m going to bed and fall asleep with it on too.   In the morning, I wake up feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world!

3.  Snatam Kaur has the voice of an angel. Her sacred chants are felt through my bones every time I listen to her.  When I need to start my day totally grounded and connected, she’s perfect for that as I’m getting ready in the morning.

4.  Zakir Hussain is a classical tabla master and percussionist and blows me away.  I can zone out on his tracks and watching him live is an out of body experience.

5.  Nitin Sawhney seems to be my go to music when I’m working, writing, and needing to focus.  His tracks are sexy, sensual, and heart opening.  Love.

6.  Faith Rivera is such a Goddess!  Her albums are so raw, honest, playful and always puts me in a great mood.  Get ready to tear with her performance at Agape.  Breathtaking.

7.  Deva Premal has a sensual and meditative voice with her beautiful chants and music.  She’s great to relax to at home or when out in nature.

8.  Tina Malia’s voice and music elevates that Divine feminine within me.  I listen to her when I’m feeling the need for passion to be stirred within my core.  Oh yea, she’ll do that to you.

Check them out and see what resonates with you.  I’d also love to hear who your favorite Spiritual and Conscious musicians are too!