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Lately I’ve been staying up real late.  Going to bed around 1am or 2am.  No reason why, other than up reading or learning about something.

The problem is that it’s been messing with my rhythm.  I’m a natural morning woman.

I’ve always been an early bird. I remember in grade school waking up at 5 a.m. so I can be the first one to take a shower.  There were 12 family members in one tiny ranch in Chicago, so I had to get in and get out.

So even if I go to bed late, my body still wants to get up early yet I’m exhausted and barely functional.

I’ve been resetting my body clock because I love mornings and giving myself ample space for my daily rituals.

Creating a nightly ritual for your soul and ending your day consciously helps to calm your energy down for the night and ease you into a deep night’s sleep.

Here are five ways that I add soul into my night time routine and release the day.

1.  Nightly meditation.  I choose something that’s more relaxing rather than invigorating and will heighten my energy.  I like to energetically clear out the entire day and then do some deep breathing, letting go of thoughts, and emptying my mind.  I don’t do this for very long, 10 minutes or less or until I feel my body has relaxed.  I save my longer meditations for the morning.

2.  Sharing gratitude.  My man and I like to share what we’re grateful for that happened that day when we’re snuggled up in bed.  It’s such a sweet practice and brings us into this present with our lives and with each other.  This is something you can with your partner, your children, or just write it down in a journal.

3.  Getting to bed on time.  I’ve been aiming to get in bed by 10 p.m.  Now I don’t always fall asleep immediately but it helps to train the body that it’s ready to go to bed.

4.  Fluff all my pillows and set up my space.  I have this thing where I like to set up how I sleep.  I fluff my pillows and comforter and have specific pillows I like to lay my head on and the ones I like to hug.  It feels like I’m in a cloud when everything is all soft, fluffy and ready for me to lie in.  I keep water next to me. A crystal or two and my eye mask within reach.  Remember, you’re hanging out in here for a good 7 – 8 hours so might as well make it sacred.

5.  Think happy and positive thoughts.  As I’m lying in bed rather than letting my mind wander, I choose my thoughts.  I’m saying positive affirmations in my head, or thinking about good things in my life, giving blessings to family and friends angels and guides, or visualizing my dreams.  This ensures that I am going to bed on a positive note and bring that into my subconscious as I sleep.

Do you have a nightly ritual?  What do you do to consciously end your day with soul?  Would love to hear in the comments below.

Happy sleeping!