A fellow fabulous colleague and friend I was connecting with yesterday asked me, How do you stay so balanced?”

I just laughed!  And I laughed really loud. Because laughter is how I literally stay balanced. Amusement and fun are primary to keeping a balanced way of life for me, especially as I juggle a business, multiple clients, teaching, writing, traveling, family, friends I mean we all are in the same boat right?  Who has time any more for one’s self seems to be the collective thought.  Choose otherwise though because in fact, you come first. And not in a selfish way, but how can you be of service in the highest way if you aren’t serving and caring for yourself.

Laughter and amusement is a simple and fun way to stay balanced. They say a child laughs an average of 300 – 400 times a day and the average adult laughs an average of only 15 times a day!!!  Ugh!  Now that’s a sad fact to me because the energy of laughter keeps us in the present moment.  And it’s in the present moment where intuitive guidance comes in.  No wonder why so many are disconnected or have so much trouble accessing intuition.

Now amusement doesn’t mean you don’t care or you’re making fun of someone’s particular situation, or being cynical or sarcastic. Those are energies of judgment. Having amusement allows you to see at a higher perspective, invoking the energy of love rather judgment.  This creates an opening for challenges to move through, seeing the brighter side and blessings of any situation.

Amusement takes you out of the drama and pain of heavy situations in order to see from a perspective of loving what is and accepting what is going on in front of you. This creates the frequency of love within you, connecting you to Spirit and your intuition to come in and provide you with light and guidance.

So walk the laughter path this week. See the amusement within challenges, loving what is and moving into that higher vantage point minus all the drama and pain.

Your I Love Intuition Assignment:

  • Notice when the heaviness of your day starts to set in through overwhelm or stress.  Try switching to amusement or laughing at how much needs to be done and say “That’s so easy!”
  • Hang with a funny friend.  We all have funny friends we can just kick back and crack jokes with, go back and forth with silly nonsense.  Michael, an amazing Reiki and Theta Healer (in the photo on the horse!) is one of my funny friends.  Yup, that’s normal fun for us.  Kids, please don’t try that at home or in a museum.
  • Watch a funny movie or head on over to a comedy show.  A sweet romantic comedy chic flic I saw over the weekend was “Something Borrowed”.  Super cute and it made me crack up 🙂 Highly recommend it!
  • Just let yourself crack up.  If you read something that’s funny, laugh loud.  If you see something funny on TV, laugh loud.  You think of something funny, laugh loud.  I’m constantly crackin’ up out loud in my office by myself at random thoughts and things that come along my path.

Give yourself permission to be carefree, funny, goofy and silly.  This higher energy opens you up to the flow of being in your intuitive wisdom and playful creative power.  To create more balance, amusement and play while being in heart centered purpose, then sign up for your complimentary Soul Activation Call. Simply send an email to info@iloveintuition.com and we’ll connect for a conversation about what’s possible for you when you tune into your intuition at every step of your journey.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!