Please take a moment to join me in this meditation.  I literally sat at my laptop thinking I was going to write an article and Spirit directed me to share with you this week in this way.  Along with our powerful ability to heal the planet, I invite you to make a financial contribution as well.  It will take less than 5 minutes and makes a world of a difference.

Here are links for you to donate:

This one has several options including one you can donate directly to
Japan Red Cross:

The amazing author Louise Hay (who completely changed my life but that’s another story) left this beautiful quote on her facebook page this morning:  “There is so much good I can do for the planet. At times, I may work for causes. At other times, I may use the power of my thoughts to help heal the planet. If I hear news of a world disaster or acts of senseless violence, I immediately surround the whole situation with love. I send positive energy and do visualizations, seeing the incident working out with a solution that is best for everyone.”

Remember , we are always one. Whatever happens to another happens within you and I as well.

Seeing you living in intuition brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!