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Yes we are in the month of love and I’m feeling guided to create this Opening Your Heart Series and get a little gushy with the four letter word.

I’m feeling inspired not only because it’s February but because I was Skyping with my dear angelic friend, intuitive healer Danielle Dove this week catching up on life and getting deep into our hearts.  The messages were clear, that we must live more in the heart and continue to heal the wounds that keep us from fully giving and receiving an overflow of love.

After our connection, I’ve been listening and being with my heart this week.  Noticing the triggers, the shifts, when it’s open and when it shuts down.  I can hear it’s cries for acceptance, to be seen, and the need to want to run and hide.  I soften in the moments my heart is tender, nourished, and awake to life around me.

This week has been about healing my heart and going face to face with some pretty hardcore triggers that have been occurring within.  I can say I am better in this department although this past Venus in Retrograde had me in some terrible old patterns that resurfaced from over a decade ago.  But I loved myself with compassionate and space, and of course some chakra healing deliciousness to work through it all.

Your capacity to give and receive love starts with yourself and to source love from Spirit.  To open your heart even more, know where you are sourcing love from first. 

I admit, I’m a relationship junkie.  I love my alone time and I certainly need tons of space, but I’m a much better woman in a relationship.  I grow more rapidly, learn lots of lessons, and get to heal old patterns when I’m with someone.  I’ve had my fair share of long-term lovers, one-night standers, friends with benefits, a marriage, and divorce.  I’m sensual and sexually indulgent and anything that sets my love meter off the charts, you can count me in.

Within these relationships I’ve had to remind myself to source love from Spirit.  To continuously stay connected to my Divine connection first, then love from the gushing overflow.

During the times that I have I sourced love through a partner, I became addicted, controlling, co-dependent, and needy.  That feeling of love and being loved by another begins to take over your ability to love yourself.  It’s a temporary high.  If your partner is no longer in your life, then the love you had felt also goes away; therefore putting the responsibility of love and happiness becomes dependent on someone else.

This is how we tend to “lose ourselves” in a relationship.  Our partner becomes the one we revolve our life and happiness around rather than cultivating a sacred and deep connection to Spirit and to ourselves.  When we do so, it’s from this place of wholeness that we can be at one with the self and be in partnership with another.

How do we continue to love ourselves even when we’re in a relationship?  How do we Source Love from Spirit?

Don’t rely on someone else to make you happy.  No one is responsible for your well-being except for you.  It’s that freakin’ easy.  Okay, well maybe not all the time because we can get swooped up in our partner’s dreamy eyes and sweaty love making all nighters but it’s so much richer when you come from a place of love to just love.  Love without needing it back because you know there’s always more where that came from.

Know yourself by being with yourself.  Spending quality time with you is just as important as time with others.  Do the things you love to do without anyone else’s permission.  And choose these moments to nurture self-love within.

Breathe in Love and Breathe out Love.  Love is a high vibrational frequency that flows all around us.  By intentionally connecting and calling in this love and breathing it into your body, you can raise that vibration within you.  I love taking breaks during the day to do this while at the same time say “I am Love.”

I’ll be back next week with more love notes in this Open Your Heart Series.

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I’m excited to help you open up your heart to more love!

Do you know of someone who could use a dose of love juju in their lives?  Please share this Opening Your Heart Series.

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Big hugs!  XO!