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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Blessed and blissed out is how I feel, especially since I’ve been going through a juice fast and it’s been making me buzz with a ton of light through my body.

So much clarity, focus, and feeling super energized is a little crazy that I have to remind myself this is our natural state of being.

Last week in the first post of the Open Your Heart Series, I shared my thoughts on the Source of Your Love and embodying that direct connection to Spirit to be the one that fuels you daily.

I woke up this morning to meditate on what my heart had to share with you today as I continue with this series.  The message was clear and that is to Open Your Heart to Receive Love.

I’ve worked with many women and men who come to me about their relationships or wanting to welcome in a new relationship in their lives and one of the biggest patterns I see occurring through my hundreds of readings is a closed or blocked heart chakra.

These blocks can stem from past traumas, abandonment, fears, guilt, shame, unworthiness, or lack of self-love and create subconscious patterns of pushing people away, being guarded, sabotaging relationships, or not trusting others.

It’s a tough one to see in yourself because most of us want to have a relationship, we ultimately seek someone to love and feel love from.  So when you are constantly seeking to find that special someone yet keep manifesting shitty relationships or not making yourself available then it’s time to check in with your heart chakra.

Are you actually ready, willing, and open to receive love into your life?

What does that truly mean for you to receive love in your life?

Are you willing to let go of the fear of vulnerability, loss, and being hurt by someone?

Can you let your guard down, soften your heart, and stop pushing people away?  

What kind of love do you want to receive?  Is it a partner, top shelf self care, or new adventures?

Whatever that is will require you to make changes, to experience vulnerability, fear, and new ways of being seen, which of course makes the ego go cuckoo.

After my divorce I was totally raw and open.  I actually felt completely broken apart and it was a time of rebirth and deep connection to my Soul.  It was one of the most difficult yet liberating experiences that helped me heal my heart chakra on so many levels.

In order to receive love again in my life, I practiced forgiveness.  I let myself grieve, gave myself nourishing foods, and asked for support from my close friends and energy healers.  By surrounding myself with more self-love and with people who love me, these kept me tender and open rather than shut down and hide.  I gave myself this space to be with my emotions, to feel every facet of pain, joy, regret, hope, and love.

Shying away or suppressing all I was feeling was not an option as it only made me feel disconnected from my Soul, from Spirit, and ultimately from Love.

To receive love you have to be willing to receive all that comes along with it.

You have to be vulnerable again that your heart may ache.  And you have to be vulnerable enough to feel that radiating feeling of love through you.

I’m happy to say that all my internal work, healing my heart, and keeping it open to receive welcomed a lover back in my life again.  He’s a Soul I intertwined with in love years ago.  We parted ways and our paths have crossed again.  They always say that love will always have a way of finding you if you’re willing to let go.

It sure does.  It does because you are love.  And when you know you are love, there’s no need to keep love like it belongs to you.  Love is abundant.  Love attracts more love.

Practice forgiveness, clear your heart chakra, say a gracious “Thank you” when someone compliments you, be vulnerable, feel deeply, and love YOU first.

If you need support in opening your heart, clearing blocks in your heart chakra, and clarity in your relationships, I’ve created a special Valentine’s Day Intuitive Love Reading just for you!

Here’s the details and I can’t wait to connect.

Have a love filled day!